Monday, June 18, 2012

JunPhoMo 18th

Wow, I just realized Jun is more than half over already! That means one out of three months of my summer break have passed already. Wow wow wow .. time flies!
Today's JunPhoMo prompt 'Picnic/Barbecue' or 'Fishing'. Considering my food choices which always lead AWAY from fish, I have nothing for that prompt. So I decided to go with 'Picnic'. Here is the picture:

I took this picture at a picnic, (DUH!) and it shows the deadly awesome stuff that I ate under the scorching sun that day with my siblings. 

My brother's slurping a frosty/slurpee, whatever that was called. My sister took a strawberry swirl ice cream flavor, and since I am madly in love with chocolate, I took the one that had chocolate cookie batter in it! Good times .. once again, my brother left to enjoy with his friends so this happy memory too involved the company of my wonderful sister! Love my sis!

- S. Ali

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