Saturday, June 23, 2012

JunPhoMo 23rd

Today's prompt: Generations. And the only person I can think of when I hear of generations is my nani, my grandmother. The most brave human being I have ever seen in my entire life. She fought bone cancer for years without complaining of any pain! She used to get the worse of tests and screenings done for diagnosis and management of her disease, and yet she never uttered a single word of complain nor did she ever trouble anyone. She was uncomfortable of the fact that she wasn't helping with work around the house and that she was making people look after her and take care of her. She was such an awesome personality, I doubt I will ever get to see a person like her again! She passed away one day, just two or three days after I had met her. In her last days she wasn't even talking to us, when I met her she was gazing in space. She would look at me in the eyes rarely, and when she would, she wouldn't really be looking at me, it was as if she could see death. She was relieved of her terrible pain, but I lost the only grandparent I had ever had in my life ... my loss was huge, and recalling the state I had last seen her in I feel like crying right now. May she be resting right now =) May she be blessed with the highest place in Heaven, Inshallah!

Here is a picture from the final time that God let me meet her.

I love you so much nani! I miss you!

- S. Ali

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