Thursday, June 28, 2012

JunPhoMo 28th

Prompt for June 28th is 'Family Vacation' or 'Your Vehicle'. I go with my vehicle! Yes, I sort of have a car that is supposedly mine. 'SUPPOSEDLY'. I don't have a license, and I can't drive properly right now either. I'm with a learner's permit, learning how to be perfect at driving from my brother who rarely if ever finds the time, and when he does (because my permit expires soon so he has to rush now) he does not have the patience to teach when I ask questions! When my sister and i decided to learn how to drive and become legal, we were horribly scared of the huge car my brother drives, and so our parents bought us a smaller, cuter, and less scarier car. I named it Muggie, Muggie the cutie that belongs to me and my sister <3

- S. Ali

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