Friday, May 17, 2013

Yucky Creeps!


One night I went upstairs after an otherwise normal fine day to get ready for bedtime. Just as I do every other day, I went to my washroom to brush my teeth squeaky sparkly clean before I slept. I was happily flossing through my teeth, analyzing my face in the mirror which I had just cleaned that morning. I was trying to locate pimples and focusing on getting each one of my teeth cleaned in thorough detail. Once I was done I rinsed my mouth clean a few times before reaching out for my toothbrush when I felt as if something was crawling up my leg really fast! 

I panicked and looked down to try and find out what it was, hoping against hope that it would be the trail of my night dress brushing against my leg. BUT NO! It was NOT the trail of my innocent, freshly laundered night dress trickling on my leg; IT WAS A BLOODY UGLY DISGUSTING SPIDER crawling, not on the ground, not on the wall, not on my washroom's counter or bath tub, it was ON me! I hate spiders! I absolutely ABSOLUTELY seriously awfully from the core of my heart HATE those freaky many-legged crazy looking beasts! 

Next second, I was JUMPING! Jumping like mad in my washroom and then running out of the door and into my bedroom. Then I looked down at my leg again to find nothing there! Even though it was awesome to not find a spider there, at that moment it was also horrible because then I had to make sure the spider hadn't crawled up somewhere else on my body! Thank God that I looked in my washroom at the exact spot where I had been jumping like a kangaroo and saw the beast sitting on the floor! 

Next second, it was dead! Spider meet my washroom slippers, washroom slippers meet spider! It was the end of one of those gazillion beasts that crawl the surface of this earth! But I was shaking with fear, literally! I threw my night dress off me and changed into a new one, after shaking it and whacking it to make sure it did not have any spiders. Why would it, right? But I was scared and when you're scared you loose your mind. Then I unlocked my room and went outside to throw the night dress far far away from my room, even though I knew it was completely innocent,

BLESSING, that is what my sister is! I found her right outside my room switching off the corridor's lights. I rushed to hug her, still shaking like an idiot and told her the NEAR DEATH experience I had had! Her hug was comforting, and she handed me a bug spray that read something like 'TERMINATE' which I placed in my bathroom, ready to fire at any potential bugs! 

That night, all my dreams had bugs crawling on me of all sorts and kinds, and yes I am making a really angry face right now! Why I recall that incidence today? THOSE SPIDERS HAVE TO BE MURDERED!!!!!!! Soon it shall be me and the bug spray reaching out to every corner of this house because I can sense it is the bug season!!! ESPECIALLY WITH NEWS OF THOSE CICADAS *freaks out and hides away*!
Actually, why wait? I shall reach every area of this house with bug spray and my vacuum TODAY!

- S. Ali

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