Friday, August 10, 2012

Me makes some graphics

One of my old school mates asked me to make some graphics for her friend on her Birthday! She wanted to make her feel special and asked me for help. I have made graphics earlier for her so she was hoping I would try something again. And so I tried some graphic making, gave it a shot, & what do you know; the birthday girl loved them when she saw them.

I was given some pictures of the two of them, of awesome times they had spent together and I was asked to join a couple solo pictures as well. So I did! Personally I loved how they turned out in the end! Here they are, I made six, and I've hidden the faces in all of them so I could put them up here on my blog without troubling them!

Wow! Look at how awesome they look :D I feel sooooo happy! And also glad to have made someone else happy on her birthday!

- S. Ali

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