Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meethi Eid! Seriously Meethi! Chaand Raat!

Yayyyyy I am finally blogging after days! And it feels awesome! As I wrote earlier, all Muslims around the globe recently celebrated the festival of Eid! My 'Choti Eid', 'Meethi Eid', or 'Eid-ul-Fitr' was fun!
Ever since I was a little girl, it has been a tradition for years at my house to have Kheer for breakfast! And so my Eid had to begin with Kheer regardless of whether we were in Pakistan or America.

On the last day of Ramzan, my sister & I were busy in our kitchen preparing Eid stuff! My sister was frying kachoriyaan from scratch (another of our Eid traditions), while I was preparing Kheer, both regular as well as sugar free, for my mama. It was a verrrrrry busy day in our kitchen.

Finally my sister and I rushed through the last of those kachoriyaan and kheer presentations and got ready and in the car to get some grocery for Eid. We went to Indus Foods which was hosting a 'Chaand Raat' celebration in it's parking lot. Mama was unwell so Abbie & I just skimmed through the whole thing to see if there was anything interesting, but personal opinion: It was a flop *heeheehee* NOT going there next year, if there is a celebration.

Chaand Raat was pretty rushed up and dull basically, yeah, but on the brighter side WE GOT MEHNDI CONES xD Yay! I had decided a couple days ago that this year I would to try my own hand at applying Mehndi, and as usual my kind awesome sister, the Abbie was willing to sacrifice her hand for the experimentation! I slept on Chaand Raat fully excited to devour that chilled kheer and steamy hot kachoriyaan the next morning! Even one of my dreams had kachoriyaan in it *laughs* NOT KIDDING!

More about my Eid in entries to come! Stay tuned!

- S. Ali

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