Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meethi Eid :D

So the Chaand Raat was done, and I woke up excited and HUNGRY for the Kachoriyaan and Kheer! Quickly showered and dressed, it was FINALLY that blessed time to EAAAAAAT! Hahaha, but before that, abbie and I had woken up at Fajr time and prepared breakfast for my brother who would leave early for Eid Namaaz. I decided to be sweet and leave an Eid note to wish my brother, with his breakfast, because I wanted to wish him before his friends. And yeah, that's a sibling-joke, I call my brother 'Daddy' which explains why it says Eid Mubarak Daddy on the note!

Hungry me & steamy hot Kachoriyaan on one dining table = OMNOMNOM! The Kachoriyaan were amaaaazingggg *loses herself for a minute* :P and once I was finalllllly done eating them, it was time for some chilled Kheer! The Kheer was delicious as anything, plus I was so happy that I was an expert at Kheer now! 

The rest of my day was basically this: Skyping with my father for two hours, lunching on some Pizza and more Kachoriyaan, Internet & wishing people on Facebook, relaxing and then preparing dinner! 

For dinner, abbie and I put together an amazing Eid table! There was Ashfaq Miyaan, the famous Desi camel! Chooriyaan (Bangles) and Chuteelay and Jhumkay and some other Jewelry that sister and I had been wearing, glittery candles, and sequins. Plus a festive Eid-ish dupatta as the back drop! And ofcourse the special dinner items; the Shahi Tikkay, Firdaus Kachoriyaan (named after my late Nani, whom nobody can ever beat at cooking), & the Eid Kheer!

A couple close ups of our table:

Eid Day 2 was spent lunching away with one of my school mates who I invited over to my house! We put together a lovely lunch for her; from Pizza, Firdaus Kachoriyaan, Shahi Tikkay, Eid Kheer, and a special Maggie by my sister ... also there were my awesome Masalaydaar Chicken Kababs!

She also got to meet my famous Teddy Bear: Po! Loved by everyone who sets their eyes on him! I LOVE PO <3

AND She got me Eidee :D She brought beautiful bracelets for both Abbie and I! Thank you for those Qz :D Much loved!

Eid Day 3 was very exciting! It was finally the time I was going to try applying Mehndi (Henna) myself! *Dramatic background music* My sister, I LOVE HER, decided to put forward her hand for me to try Mehndi for the very first time in  my life, she must have some serrrrious trust in me!

Being the exciting bloggers that we both are, we made a little Mehndi station to spice the experience up. A casual bed sheet to protect the carpet in case I dropped mehndi somewhere, some newspapers on it for extra protection, a beautiful desi basket to display the mehndi cones, tissue LOTS of it for wiping and cleaning the Mehndi, a pin in case the mehndi got stuck or jammed ... that's all the stuff we had on our Mehndi station. Plus my sister, my subject! Me, the Mehndi waali for today, and our TV remotes so that my sister could enjoy herself while I applied Mehndi on her hand.

And so I began applying, gradually making more sense about how to grab the cone and gaining more control on it. And even though I was slow, I improvised an awesome design and managed to do a pretty good job! My sister loved it, and in the end it was all worth it! The color came out fabulous on my sister's hand later the next day and my moment of pride was when my mom's chiropractor, a Non-desi lady, asked my sister who applied Mehndi on her hand, and told her it looked PROFESSIONAL and as if applied using a STENCIL :D Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Excuse the squeal of happiness! Even though I never got the time to apply Mehndi on my own hand on Eid day, I applied it once Eid was over & it was another awesome experience! The cone was a bit more difficult to handle with one hand, but the design was amazing and the color came out awesome! Here are pictures of both the designs, first is my sister's on the back side of her hand, and then follows my own hand which is a more fuller and detailed design (because I could take more risks on my own hand *winks*)

That was my wonderfully exciting Eid! I'm going to brush up my Mehndi applying skills now & Inshallah try more designs! PLUS I need to increase my speed too, found a new hobby to work on & I absolutely loved doing it! I know one thing for sure now, my sister & I will not be Mehndi-less on any Eid from now on Inshallah :)

- S. Ali

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