Wednesday, October 17, 2012

OctoPhoMo catching up!!!

I haven't blogged since FOREVER! But there has been just SO much going on; exams, assignments, presentations, group work, baking, managing my facebook page, sleeping, eating, showering, ..... okay I guess I made my point! Here I am catching up with OctoPhoMo because I feel horrible for being so behind!

OctoPhoMo 12th Prompt: Spooky/Halloween Dessert OR Graveyard

I have the PERFECT picture for this oneeeeee! And I shall soon be blogging about this picture on my Kitchen blog. But for now, here is just ONE picture for a fantastic Halloween dessert I baked yesterday:

Lots more on this to come on my Kitchen blog! Stay tuned!

OctoPhoMo 13th Prompt: Favorite Fall drink OR Blood

This picture is from the summer that just passed us by. I HATE BLOOD TESTSSSSSS! I hate needles. All sizes, all kinds!!!

OctoPhoMo 14th Prompt: Skeleton OR Witch

I took this picture at Pier One Imports! I like that shop, it's really fancy, though VERY expensive! Ugh.

OctoPhoMo 15th Prompt: Candy/Caramel Apples OR Something you love to do

I guess for this one I will choose 'Something you love to do' because I doubt I have a picture of candy/caramel apples at the moment! Here it is, my MOST favorite hobby ever:

I LOVE BAKING! I just so so so sooooo love baking! And since it's my birthday this Friday I got my first ever proper decorating tips for myself :D LOVE THESE SO MUCH!

OctoPhoMo 16th Prompt: Football OR squirrels

Took this one years back! Pretty self explanatory there, haha!

OctoPhoMo 17th Prompt: Spiders/Spider Webs OR Something you fear

Once again for this one, I will share the ONLY spider web I will EVER be comfortable with (because I absolutely HATE spiders). Here it is:

Also a part of the Halloween cupcakes I baked yesterday! Blog entry coming soon!

COOL! I just caught up with OctoPhoMo :D Will try to stay on track from now on! Can't promise though, haha!

- S. Ali

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