Sunday, October 28, 2012

OctoPhoMo Major Catching Up

Okay! Here I am for serrrriously catching up with OctoPhoMo 2012! I had so much going on I just couldn't log on to blog pictures! Here I go ...

October 19th: Candles

This one is from a mini celebration I had with my friend on campus for my 21st birthday :D

October 20th: Black Cat

Meet Shadow, my sister's sleepy looking black cat :D

October 21st: Jack-O-Lanterns or Scarecrows

From my Halloween Sp00kcakes :D Shall blog about these soon!

October 22nd: Monsters

Found these awesome monster cupcakes in Giant :D

October 23rd: Something you hate to do


October 24th: Christmas Decorations

I found these gorgeous (my type) of ornaments in Michaels! They were SO adorable, but a little bit on the expensive side so I didn't buy them!

October 25th: Halloween decorations

Found these AWESOME Halloween decor sprinkles :D Used these on my Halloween Sp00kcakes! Still have lots left over!

October 26th: Something Purple related to Domestic Violence, for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Just applied gorgeous purple nail polish :D

October 27th: Ghosts or Vampires

Years ago I found these Vampire Twilight Dolls in Walmart. Trust me that is one kind of BARBIE I would never wanna buy :P Haha!

October 28th: Candy or Fall Scenery

CANDAYYYYY! From MnM's World in NYC!

Ah! That feels better! Finally caught up with OctoPhoMo!!

- S. Ali

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