Thursday, May 2, 2013

Boring Thursday Morning Rant

So I'm sitting here on campus and waiting for class to begin since the past half an hour almost! It's Thursday, which means tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! I have two excessively slow and long classes ahead of me and just the thought of them is making me sleepy! Why can't it always be Friday every day of the week?

Mama and Abbie dropped me early today. And OH the kinds of things you notice when you're so bored. Like in the past half an hour I noticed a guy with super long hair, which he had braided a hundred times at least; the weird bit, he tied five ponytails with the braids on random non symmetrical parts of his head! It looked like he was inspired by an octopus!

Next, I saw a girl walking past the sofa I'm comfortably seated on, she had PURPLE neon bright jeans on, a black very loose like shirt, blonde hair, completely different non matching hand bag and shoes; I mean, I know I'm sleepy too this early in the morning but honestly woman, dress when you're awake maybe!? Haha!
This entry really defines random, doesn't it? But I can't be blamed! I have a brutal Business Law class in a few minutes, and then I have to sit and watch OTHER people present things I'm not even remotely interested in listening to, and then there is this Childbirth paper for my Health class due tomorrow which is hanging above my head almost showing me it's tongue because guess what is left?: THE REFERENCING AND CITATIONS!!! Did I mention earlier how much I hated doing citations?

And then of course i have exams coming up!!!
But on the positive side, I've blogged after ages :D missed my lovely girly bloggy blog!!!

-S. Ali

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