Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Instant Stress Relief!

Ah, another one of those days today when I did something, but did nothing, and then ended up so tired that i couldn't do anything. Makes sense? To me, yes it does!

Family, personal life, self-issues, studies, exams, expectations, goals, aims, destinations, dreams ... Sometimes I feel life is so darn hectic. The past few days have been so preoccupied with end-of-semester projects and assignments; it feels like weeks just flew past and I didn't even come to know when! In fact, this entire Spring semester went by so fast. I honestly was so surprised when my Management professor said, "time to start wrapping up now guys!" ... I was like huh, what? NOW?? But semester just started? ...

And then I can't even bake because of the shortage of time! Summary: Too much stress & too little time to bake and blow off some steam. In such a situation I found a perfect alternative stress reliever, and no it isn't any silly stress ball! I honestly never understood their purpose and how on earth people thought they were helpful for stress management.

My instant stress relief method is my gigantic five feet tall teddy bear, Mr. Po Teddy. He resides in my closet room & takes frequent walks around my room to chill *winks*. When I'm stressed, just going and giving Po a hug is the best stress relief method in my world!!! He's fat, and he's super duper soft! He smells wonderful because (YES!) I keep him perfumed up! He even takes occasional baths; don't worry I do not soak him in my bath tub with bubbles and soap! His style of taking a shower/bath is basically being vacuumed and then being sprayed with really nice smelling disinfectant and then finally with perfume again!

This past week he had a nice relaxing time on my bed while I studied Business Law and Hunger for my upcoming exams!! He's my best friend; he asks no questions, does not judge me (and yes I am a slight bit crazy, hahaha!). I just feel like there is no age or limit for stuffed toys now, is it?

- S. Ali


  1. I don't think you're ever too old to have stuffed toys - especially ones that help take the stress away. They're just another way to feel like a kid again! :)

    1. I know right!!! I'll blog about my entire collection very soon!! :D You'll love them.


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