Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year Un-Resolution

Aah a new year; a new number for a fresh start, another chance to rethink about life and where I want it go. Everywhere I go - Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Blogs - all I see is people talking about New Year's Resolutions. Thus one is persuaded so sweetly to think of her own resolutions ... What is it that I resolve to do this year? What will the BIG change in my ways of life be? What will I decide to pursue and how? What is my GOAL (with added tones of dramatization) for TWENTY FOURTEEN going to be?

Yes, that is the answer I have for all those questions. Sorry about the disappointment, but yeah that is pretty much what I have in mind.
I have been thinking since some time now; plans of doing this two years from now, and that five years from now, and seeing myself somewhere in ten years. What happens every year though? Plans change. And they change because situations change. Reality is that your priorities in life keep changing. When I began 2013 last year my priorities and situations were both very different from what they are now. So why should I even bother planning so many years ahead in life when it really is what I do NOW and TODAY that decides what happens to me later?

Therefore, as simple as that, I have decided to, for a change, not have a New Year's resolution. Or maybe let's put it this way: My New Year's Resolution is to have no Resolution .. an Un-Resolution. What is an Un-Resolution, you may ask? It is the resolution to not have far fetched plans, to live life now and today, to be reasonable and enjoy what I am doing, to take things one day at a time and not have stomach disturbances from stressing out like an idiot, to just wake up in the morning everyday and see what the day has brought for me! Think about it, it's not nearly as disappointing as it originally sounded. It's actually pretty deep if you come to think of it. After all, I am person of high intellect you know *winks*!

So here is to a New Year that will be spent for the 'now' and the 'today', the 'at the moment' and not the 'five years from now'. Let me, for a change not have a weight loss goal, or do-so-and-so goal this year ... let me try and live life as it comes at me and see if I survive 2014 in a much better mood than I did last year!

- S. Ali

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