Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nutter Butter Bites ~ Review

One of the best parts of studying in USA's top 18 institutions is the awesome network they have! The Smith School of Business's home, The Van Munching Hall often has various employers over.

While I'm not temporarily searching for a job and do not attend the career fairs, it is a joy when every once in a while an employer decides to have some FREEBIE in the corridor! And it is obviously the cherry on top, when the freebie is FOOD!

The second week back to school for the spring semester brought Nabisco to The Smith School. Did I already mention food is a cherry on top?
While I was drooling over their sample packs of Chips Ahoy cookies on the counter, fellow Smith students beat me at it; I found instead a new awesome cookie that I hadn't tried before! I ha to take something for my sister (who was on her way to pick me up from school) and so I grabbed a bright red pack of Nutter Butter Bites!

I usually don't trust all peanut butter products because they can taste really horrible at times. But my Nutter Butter experience was a delight!

The Nutter Butters play a tricky combination of tastes on your tongue; salty, the right degree of sweet-bitter, and freshly peanuty! The peanut taste of these cookies really is the real deal; it felt like I had eaten a real peanut! You can take my word for it; it really is FRESH!

The cookies even look adorable in their bite sizes! Plus they are the perfect size if you're conscious about your body resembling the shape of a peanut (a.k.a being weight conscious!). I picked up the sample pack to share with my sister, and with this few number of pieces shared with a lovely person there hardly are any dangerous calories involved!

My final verdict: TOTALLY WORTH TRYING, BUYING, DEVOURING! Perfect snack when you need one!

- S. Ali

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