Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Ultimate Weapon Against Acne

How terrible is the feeling of having an ugly pimple on your face?
VERY terrible, you say?

How terrible is the feeling of having MORE THAN ONE pimple on your face?
VERY VERY terrible, you say?

How terrible is the feeling when pimples leave behind scars on your face?
EXTREMELY terrible, you say?

Well, I agree! And when I recently started having pimples (lots of them, and regularly) all of a sudden I was literally driven out of my mind! Frustrated, hopeless, angry, and feeling terrible I set out to find a solution ... and FOUND IT!

It's not like I had never had pimples as a teenager; I had them, and I did go through that terrible phase patiently. The breakouts had gone away as I grew up but I still had occasional acne issues. Occasional was fine until recently (and I'm 22) when I started having break outs all over again; now that is just not acceptable. My skin is prone to marks; even if it's a tiny scratch it leaves behind a mark .. and acne is not tiny and innocent *angry face*

I was really starting to feel depressed when the acne decided to stay, even my Dad told me I should do something: THAT WAS SERIOUS, he would never comment if it wasn't looking that bad. I set out trying various things; I applied a local antibiotic ointment called Mycitracin. Mycitracin used to help the acne go away but it took its time, and it was not a solution. It only sped the pimple up so it would go away sooner. I tried washing my face with a paste made from gram flour; this would make my skin feel fresh and smooth but again, the pimples were just sped up, not cured. And that is when my sister made a trip to Target. She bought a new product to try for our black heads by Clean and Clear. It worked just within a week. I had an idea ... why not try their acne product too?

And bam. Solution to acne. Clean & Clear's continuous control acne cleanser. All I do is wash my face ONCE before sleeping, every night. 20-30 seconds of even absorbing on my face and wash it off really well. The skin keeps feeling cold and fresh even after it has been washed. I could see the results within a week or two!

It keeps pimple outbreaks from happening! I'm not saying I don't even have a single pimple on my face now .. I'm saying this is a MIRACLE. Literally, literally .. LIT-ER-ALLY the best product I have tried so far!!

I just finished my first one last night and started a second bottle/pack. I wanted to wait before reviewing this one for two main reasons: 1) I wanted to see if it was effective and if the effects stayed, and 2) this causes skin dryness .. and I wanted to find a solution to that!

The solution: Vaseline. I use Vaseline on my face .. a super thin layer applied right before I sleep and washed off in the morning and it works wonders. My face is acne free and well moisturized now and I swear .. I feel like a MIRACLE happened in my life!

I must must must INSIST that every single person in the world struggling from acne issues (even the slightest bit) should try this product out once! Maybe it helps you out as much as it helped me!

My rating: 5 stars!

- S. Ali


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    1. Thank you! Glad you found this helpful :)


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