Friday, May 23, 2014

A Love Story ~ Kabab and Karhai Review

This isn't a restaurant review. This is a LOVE story!
A true love story of an awesome girl who loved food and a spicy Karhai who loved to be eaten.

No .. seriously! That Karhai is worth dying for!

The restaurant Kabab and Karhai is located in Silver Spring, MD. The exterior does not do justice to the superior taste! The place looks (just to sound modest) shabby from outside.

But once you're inside and you've successfully completed the long waiting time between when you place the order and when the dude finally calls you to take it .. you know nothing can go wrong!

The Karhai is fresh. You can taste the freshness. It smells AMAZING. It tastes even BRILLIANT.

The seekh kababs make you lose your mind and want to dive into a room full of them! The naans are fat and soft and steaming hot.

I ..... am .... DROOLING!

It is uncontrollable, how awesome their food is!

Just ONE piece of very very very important advice: Place MULTIPLE tissues beneath your paper plates because, for some very strange reason, they use such thin and cheap plates that a little teeny tiny while later the curry (karhai or chanay, or whatever else you have) starts absorbing and eventually leaking. It does not leak so that it starts flowing off the table and onto your clothes .. but the paper plate just dissolves and you're eating off the table literally! It's just not the best thing in the world to be eating off a public restaurants table, now is it?

Saraallie's Rating: 4 stars (Only because I desperately want them to invest in proper plates, or at least better paper plates!)

- S. Ali


  1. Love your creations and reading posts as well

    1. It makes me happy to hear that :D Thank you!


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