Sunday, August 17, 2014

Crazy Musings

I write this entry to publicly admit that I have gone crazy. Last night, while I was as usual the only one awake in the entire world because I simply couldn't fall asleep, I used the virtual social world as an escape strategy from boredom.

Here I was, happily scrolling through my nothing-too-unusually-interesting Twitter feed as I waited for sleep to bless my eyes. Next second, an alert popped out of the lower end of my screen. The star that preceded the text caught my attention first but then what I saw stirred the sleeping crazy inside me (pun intended).

SIDHARTH MALHOTRA (the Bollywood actor who is the current subject of my girly drooling) was online and tweeting!

'Chat' in literal terms means a conversation that is double sided where both the participants act as both senders as well as receivers of the message. And no, this explanation wasn't intended for purposes of comprehension; it was the sarcastic statement that came out of a disappointed person's brain.

I actually lay there in bed tweeting away, highly hopeful that this would be the moment he would actually write me a reply with those hands of his. And meanwhile I may have gone totally crazy and tweeted!

But half an hour of hoping and expecting later ...

Tin taan tun thishhhhhhh ...
Did you hear that sound? I think it was  somebody's hopes shattering. Mmhmm .. Pretty sure it was just that sound.

But you know what that means right? That I shall be trying again.
And again.
And again and again and again.
Until the day he FINALLY chooses to reply back to THE one and only awesome Saraallie!

- S. Ali


  1. Haha omg you are adorable !! 😂
    But really, i would have done the same or proly gone beyond that to make 'him' write back too me ! Sigh.😁 he's gorgeous. 😍

    1. Rida!!
      It makes me happy to see you've found my blog. But the happiness I feel of knowing you like him too goes beyond all other emotions right now!!! Omg omg omg yes he issssss!
      I'm not giving up; I will keep tweeting until and unless he ACTUALLY writes me a reply with those hands of his!


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