Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Trip to the Operation Theater ~ Pre-Surgery Thoughts

Okay world, when I said I feared needles and stitches it was a statement not a challenge!

Sometime ago in December I ended up hurting my arm. And before I knew it, the tiny little booboo decided to overact, got infected, and called for a surgeon to be boink-ed open.

Time for a little history! Two months ago I had seen my doctor for it and she had put me on antibiotics. All of December I had stayed on them dealing with the rotten stomach feeling they gave you by increasing your acidity issues and the nasty head spinning they caused. The vacation to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter around new year's had driven all the possible negativity of the world out of sight and mind but when I returned I knew the problem was still there.

Instant panic occurred to me as my senses came back to their non I-am-in-the-wizarding-world-of-harry-potter state and I was seen at my doctor's clinic once again. She gave me the bad news that she would give me one last dose of antibiotics after which I'd have to go to a surgeon to get the wound attended.

Ob-viously (Professor Snape tone) the antibiotics ditched me and a week later I was sitting in front of a surgeon. I had expected the surgeon-type of doctors to be super serious as if a clothes hanger was stuck to their backs preventing any body movement and as if they couldn't smile because it hurt their face. Luckily, my surgeon was this bright and beautiful smiley lady who was so cheerful, I was happily surprised to meet her! Her smile, unfortunately, didn't keep my fear of needles away though; I was boinked as she attempted magic at my wound. She injected me with a local anesthetic and it felt like my arm was on fire where she had poked her needle. But that was all the pain she ever caused me that day. A week after her hocus-pocus later she referred me to another doctor for a second opinion before she opted for surgery and by this time I was tired of being dribbled like a football from one clinic to the other. The other doctor was super nice as well (Hooray! Cheerful doctors do exist!) and decided surgery was needed. She volunteered to do it with a local anesthetic. Well, thank you so much, but I possibly couldn't have survived that being the keep-everything-sharp-away-from-me kind. Stitches were supposed to be involved and there was absolutely no way I was going to stay awake through THAT! So it was time to go back to my cheery surgeon.

I just returned from her office! Miss Bright and Cheery was super sweet and told me she'd be putting me to sleep through the procedure. She spoke as if cutting human skin was as normal as taking a knife and fork and cutting into a delicious steak. Oddly her confidence calmed me down a great deal and I agreed for her to perform the surgery tomorrow! (OMG! NO TIME TO PREPARE MY MIND FOR SURGERY MODE!)

Here I am writing down my thoughts a day before my surgery. Tomorrow is going to be a very weird day, I know. It is the very first time for me .. first time dealing with a wound, first time having to go through a surgical procedure, first time that I will be at the Operation Room of a hospital, first time that I will ever be put to sleep, first time I will feel being unconscious (if you can even feel that at all!), first time I will get stitches, and first time something so horribly scary will happen to me. I am SUPER excited about finding out what happens when they give you the go-to-sleep potion. Will I remember gradually falling asleep? Will I remember what Bestie would be saying when that happens? What will Bestie see, me slowly going to sleep or suddenly just shutting off? Will I remember anything at all? Will I be able to recall being taken to the operation room? .. OMG this totally feels like a Pretty Little Liars episode where I will wake up not remembering what had happened in the previous hour or so! Wow. Should be cool .. at least that part!

Other than that though I am nervous. Especially about the stitches. I have always feared three things: Cancer because I have seen Nani go through it, a bone fracture anywhere in the body because the caste freaks me out, and stitches because I think it is insanely barbaric to treat the human body like a piece of cloth! One of my fears is coming true this year; them ruddy stitches! 2015 is totally the year of fears (Yay! That can be the cool title of another blog entry!) or the year of overcoming fears maybe. I'm nervous about how bad the pain will be after the numbness is gone and I'm hating the thought of being sleepy post-surgery because of all the pain medications they will be giving me .. I mean think about how many Bestie-Time hours I will be wasting! On top of all that I am annoyed that the stitches will need to be taken out in some time, more doctor visits and more pain, cool story!

I just want it all to be over soon .. and I know it will be. I expect myself to wake up tomorrow freaking out and totally turning as white as a polar bear, going to the hospital, freaking out some more, being put to sleep, waking up, and coming back home. Being done with it finally! Let's see what happens ... I shall be back to write about my experience if I live to tell the tale (Insert super drama-queen issues here!). Let's see what I see when I'm put to sleep (will I be dreaming through that sleepy state by the way?) and what becomes of me after ...

Soon though .. this too shall pass!

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