Thursday, March 5, 2015

#ButtMustGo February 2015

February started off bringing with it a huge positive vibe in me. Somehow suddenly I was all into hyper workout mode, determined to make it work this time! So this month the 20-25 minute workout sessions became half an hour long, speed increased on Turby the treadmill, and I also added a ball exercising routine to my everyday instead of just alternate days. It kept getting better and better ... Losing 165 cals in a session then progressing onto 238 and so on!

But very soon the hyper workout mode was kicked out of me by my surgeon as I went through the first ever surgery of my life. I had an incision on my right arm that had internal stitches involved, which meant that my activity was supposed to be restricted. I couldn't lift anything heavy or use my arm too much in any other way possible. Before I could voice my opinion about running on Turby not involving the use of my arms at all, my surgeon shut me up by telling me working out was not a good idea either. So there I was deflated like a balloon at the thought of having to discontinue #ButtMustGo again!
Although at the very beginning I had kept binges and cheat food to a minimum, only succumbing to a muffin sample at Costco, half a samosa at the local grocery store, and a helping of pasta made by Abbie the great, the fact that #ButtMustGo was discontinued and the horror of surgery ended up in some binges. Two days before the surgery we discovered a new cafe and I ended up drinking a fabulous hot chocolate to try and scare away my stress and a week from post-surgery we ended up eating at my favorite Indian restaurant and there was a Gulab jamun involved.

Once again I am hoping to restart #ButtMustGo as soon as possible! I am scheduled for my first follow up this week (first week of March). Let's see if my surgeon allows me to begin working out! *Fingers crossed*

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