Sunday, March 29, 2015

March In Comics

The Endless Doctors
March started with me desperately praying that I'd get rid of the endless doctors and sickness routine. My first follow up post surgery informed me that all was well but it'd take three months for the stitches to dissolve completely. My arm felt very uncomfortable all of March and still feels awkward, some weird strand like something stretches inside when I straighten it and that hurts. I already have more appointments scheduled for next week (which means April, ah!) that I am once again hoping would be my last time visiting the doctors. The surgery and post-operation discomfort kept me from baking my heart out all of March too and I seriously begin feeling withdrawals now! On a brighter note though, I returned to most of my chore duties and freed Abbie from the added workload she was dealing with. I cooked after a month and got the house back to the organized food schedule plan we used to have back when I was well. It was a delight to see Abbie have some free time from cooking all throughout this week! I'm back to being the dhobi (laundry person) of the house too!

Spring Has Sprung
March brought in Spring and we said goodbye to Winter 2014-15! It was a super #fail situation though, because we got a snowy first day of Spring and some super cold days after that too. Even today, as I type this monthly comic wrap up it is pretty cold and I'm wrapped up under my Harry Potter plush. Abbie was really happy Winter came to an end because she hates extreme temperatures. Finally we'd have better days in terms of our muscle pains and etc. (oh the sicknesses!). We had some very nice BestieTimes at the mall while mama had her hair done; Spring shopping was fabulous! Abbie and I bought lots of crafty stuff for Spring and some new clothes that look fantastic. A haul entry with pictures is totally needed (and will be coming up soon) for our Spring shopping. The only downside of Spring that has been driving me mad is the fact that BUGS will soon be returning to this world. I fear all creepy crawlies and I am totally hating their soon-to-be arrival. It is time for me to spray Home Defense and other deadly chemicals around the house to try my best at keeping bugs away.

BestieTimes and TV
BestieTimes this month also included some really fun TV watching sessions. We've been watching the new Aahat season that recently began on Sony TV again years after our childhood times and it is hilarious! Some of the things creep Abbie out like feet turning the wrong side and some creep me out like women trying to imitate the Hollywood version of Exorcist (which by the way I am so scared of, I have never even tried watching it till the end). Most of the time we spend away laughing and exchanging 'are you serious?' looks at the absolute foolishness they show on Aahat! I also tried one last time to persuade Abbie into watching Aashiqui 2 with me. We made progress and she watched five some minutes of the beginning but then we reached a dead end again and she refused to watch it. This marked the last time I tried! *laughs* I'm not going to force her ever again but I am so using it to tease and piss her off!

The Crazy Blog Redesign Fever
The fever began some time ago and it finally took shape in March! A new header, new background, new fonts, new theme, new sections, new buttons, and new ideas ... Sara Writes is totally redesigned and looks absolutely wonderful!
I'll be doing the April A to Z Blogging Challenge next month for which I am so excited! Wacky Finds was a fabulous new series to start and I'll soon be deciding when to post volume 2. The new blog has opened up so many new ideas for writing .. I love it! Special thanks to Abbie for helping me out!


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