Thursday, April 9, 2015

That Stupid Wisdom Teeth Disaster

I thought I'd squeeze in a quick entry as I hyperventilate in stress. It's not really stress nor is it fear (who am I kidding?), it's this weird feeling of doomed calm. A calm that I have been feeling a lot lately, so much that it creeps me out. It's a calmness I keep feeling during times that otherwise call for panic, shouting, roaring infact!
Isn't that nice, though?
No! It's inappropriate, unfitting, and creepy!

The feeling today is regarding what I'll wake up to tomorrow morning. The second surgery of my life, the dreaded not so wise wisdom teeth extraction surgery. All four, going in one clean sweep motion as I'll be put to deep sleep through an IV again. Crap, more needles and stitches and pain!

Let's see what happens tomorrow morning, how well I keep calm, and what horrors I face post-surgery. If I keep typing does the night not come to an end? Shut it. Let me just end this with a gorgeous picture of my smiley jaw xray. How cool is that wisdom tooth growing horizontally sideways? Ah, well. Time to say goodbye to all four of them!


  1. It is ok to feel anxious before surgery. I know surgery involving a dentist can add to that. While I can't relate being put under to remove a tooth, I have had one removed after it broke. It was no big deal at all. One small pinch and it was over. Just think, you are having them all out at one time and you wont have to repeat the process.

    Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental SC

    1. Hey Eunice,
      It's been an year since I went through that torture! :D
      But thanks for the comment! You're right, it wasn't painful while they operated on me but the post surgery time was BAD! I cringe just thinking about it now! *laughs*


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