Monday, May 11, 2015

Salman Khan Friday Release! Woohoo!

The weekend began with absolutely fabulous news as Salman Khan was granted bail on Friday! I had a pretty intense two hours in the middle of the night as the court case proceedings began and continued on. The entire house was asleep except of course the one and only ME. Somehow I couldn't fall asleep thanks to a troubled stomach and lay restless in bed until a glance at my iPhone informed me it was two in the morning. I was frustrated and desperately wanted to sleep because no matter what time I'd sleep mama would wake me up at ten the next morning. This meant that the more delayed sleep decided to bless me with its presence the fewer hours of sleep I'd get. Frustrated, restless, and utterly bored out of my sleeping pajamas I decided to tire my eyes a little to hopefully sleep sooner, so I picked up my phone and began the familiar social media checkup routine. 

Facebook had nothing for me so I skipped and called to Twitter for help. Help came and it was in the form of Salman Khan! I had to hold in an audible sigh when I read his hearing was beginning in only one minute and would be tweeted about live. Even though I wanted to shake my sister awake, who was sleeping quite soundly on the bed right next to mine unaware of my insomniac misery, I decided my misery was my own to deal with and ended up following the case proceedings by myself. It was three in the morning when I finally stopped refreshing my feed for latest updates and decided to pay a visit to the hope room (bathroom ... Because sleep comes once I restart my attempts to get into bed). I peed, checked myself out in the mirror (hell yeah, I've lost weight!), and got back into bed. Forcing my eyes closed, I turned onto my side and shifted under my comforter pretending to have a mind clear of thoughts. Only, my mind wasn't clear! The case was a pretty big deal and was making me all fuzzy with stress. I have no idea when sleep finally happened to me but thankfully I slept at last.

By the time I fell asleep, Khan's lawyer had put up some really promising arguments. He'd pointed out the biggest fact of the case that the judges had been ignoring: the driver was behind the wheel when his car lost control and ran over a couple of people sleeping on the roads in India. According to this it was the driver who was guilty and not the man behind Being Human's efforts. The efforts and his service to the community was also brought up and so was his health, as his lawyer tried to plead a bail out of the stubborn ass judge. The last update I read before getting lucky with sleep was the lawyer raising questions about Kamaal Khan, the fourth person sitting in that car the night of the accident, who had been missing and who's statement hadn't been taken.

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The next morning I woke up in pretty bad shape because I'd hardly had any sleep at all. It was Friday morning and despite the sleep deprivation I hadn't forgotten about the hearing. The first thing I checked, even before silencing the gazillion alarms I had set the night before after each five minute interval, was Twitter. I quickly punched the search words 'Salman Khan' on my iPhone's screen and what happened next made me gasp and reach out to my sister. SALMAN KHAN GRANTED BAIL AND ALLOWED TO GO HOME WITH NO FIVE YEAR IMPRISONMENT PUNISHMENT AHEAD OF HIM! Oh. My. Dear. God!

It was the happiest news at that time and it felt like some relative had been set free instead of a Bollywood superstar (seriously, that man is so relatable)! I told Abbie immediately before she could get out of bed and get lost in the bathroom with her morning routine. She sat up, all sleep gone and fully awake, and said, "Kis ne kaha?" (That translates to 'who said?' in English). I told her all about my Twitterful night and how I had just found out about his sentence being suspended. It was just as expected, she had a big smile on her face, as big as mine except the smile wasn't overshadowed by droopy sleep deprived eyes.

This man did not deserve to go to prison. At least not until they had proof that he was driving that night. At least not until they had proof that the driver had lied in his confession. At least not until they brought in Kamaal Khan's verdict. At least not until ... Never ever! If I liked this man before, after this case I LOVE him now for being such a nice person!

At least his fans don't have to worry about him going to jail until July. We can happily look forward to Bajrangi Bhaijaan's release date now!

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