Sunday, July 5, 2015

#ButtMustGo June 2015

I am so glad I'm into a good workout routine! The ButtMustGo challenge for June was to not gain weight despite it being Ramadan. I have ALWAYS gained weight during Ramadan all of my life so far. Somehow the eating huge quantities in one go routine does not work too well with my stomach. It starts expanding. Uncontrollably. So that when the month ends and its Eid (which btw is more food!) I have gained significantly. *sighs*
I type this entry with Ramadan almost finishing, half of it has passed already. I am super happy and satisfied to report that I haven't gained even a single pound! In fact, if my weighing scale isn't misbehaving with me I have actually lost a pound or two. So that makes a total of twelve pounds lost from the day I started the ButtMustGo routine in its true meaning! *Woohoooooooo*
For the month of June I struggled to survive working out for half an hour on Turby after breaking the fast. It was really difficult because fasting for the whole day does leave your body in need of rest. Somehow I managed!
I was also pretty consistent with my diet with not too many cheat days. The only cheats I did end up getting involved in were when we had the mega wedding season and I had to eat out at least thrice and when we went to the community iftars (about three times!) and I ate food that wasn't made at home. Despite eating out I still made sure I avoided as much carbs as possible! And of course, no dessert! Except a little bit of harmless sugar free Kheer (rice pudding) once or twice!

June's ButtMustGo went pretty well. To be honest I hadn't expected it to be half as good with the weddings and Ramadan beginning. Bonus was the extra two pounds I lost! Yayyyyyyyy!

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