Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July '15 In Comics

To sum it up July was all about flooding basements, Ramadan coming to an Eid, Eid fun, back-to-clean routine, and Gossip Girl! It was a weird month for me because I really didn't know when August began whether I'd call it a nice month or not. July had been pretty diplomatic with me ... hmph ... where I had troubles with the Ramadan routine I had fun on Eid and where the house decided to wage a cleaning war against me I also enjoyed Gossip Girl binges!

A Titanic Kind of Life
The terrible heat waves were made a lot better when it rained. It was all instagram-those-thunderstorms and tweet-the-rain-moods until the basement flooded. When the first of July began we spent our entire night trying to rescue the Tit-basement-anic. Except, Titanic (I'm calling the basement that from now on) put up a great fight with us throughout the rest of the month. It was really a scene from the Titanic movie, french doors and water flooding with increasing speed from the corners ... sighs. Abbie had a rough time dealing with water proofing companies and handymen but thankfully, even if it took an entire month (and is still not checked completely), the stuff was mostly fixed! Hopefully no more flooding!

Baked My Heart Out
Ramadan gave me the fabulous opportunity to bake constantly one after another. I tried my new Cake Boss Flower Cakelette Pan and Mini Bundt Pan on the 4th of July and baked up some REALLY pretty treats!

Goodbye Ramadan. Hello Eid!
As always the second half of Ramadan was getting tougher by the day. The eating-lots-in-one-go routine was really getting to me because I'm not used to eating so much from all those years of dieting and weight loss. Thankfully though I survived Ramadan in a super healthy fashion. Bonus points for the two pounds I lost! Woohoo! Eid finally came and surprisingly I enjoyed it this year. I'm currently blogging all about my Eid fun and of course I am late! Must.hurry.up!

Get Back to Work, NOW!
The house was a mess from all those handymen coming in. On top of that Eid parties and outfit planning meant that our beds were loaded with clothes and stuff. It was time to get back into cleaning mode. The last week of July was a mega cleaning and organizing session! Of course July decided it wasn't already being cruel enough to me so I tripped on the staircase while polishing the wooden sides and hurt my knee and arm .. and butt. #HowLovely.

You Know You Love Me, XoXo!
The best decision I made this month was to begin watching Gossip Girl again! I'm reunited with all those lovely people once more. *Does the happy dance!*

Words of Wisdom 


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