Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Behind That Brilliant Blog Header

When somebody lands on my beautiful blog their eyes wander first and foremost to my lovely header. The wacky font, the colors, the happy vibe, and those funky hearts. It all looks and feels so chirpy, so crazy; just like my style. My blog header has evolved over time, changing ever so beautifully as my style changed. Those who've been here before will know I had a really fun and lovely (but childish) theme on here sometime ago. It was the result of a girly, fun, teenage life. The wackiness and happy vibe on my blog was the same, just the style was a bit different, and so was the header.
The previous header - girly and fun!

This year my style changed significantly. So much that I needed a complete bedroom, bathroom, and blog makeover. Maybe it was because finally somebody in the family was younger than me after the day I became an aunt to my wonderful niece Gubby, or maybe it was part of my soul-searching. I'm still working on the bedroom and bathroom (almost done, so I'll be blogging soon! EXCITED!) but my blog makeover is done and it looks beautifully perfect!

Finding my new style was easier than creating a new header which I loved and was a perfect fit with my personality. Before I settled with the gorgeousness I tried a couple of designs. They were all awesome but just not 'there' yet.
I wanted the header to look like a doodle but be sophisticated so I tried this one!

Then I tried it without the sides! Still not satisfied, it just looked way too plain for my personality.

Then I thought I'd add some color and see what happens if I totally change it around. I did the tag line in purple and separated it from the blog's name. When I tried it on it looked REALLY weird. This was no way what I wanted!

Then I tried changing the fonts on the previous design and it just still didn't work!

Finally I skipped all the previous ideas and went for something different. The doodle frame had to go because it just wasn't working for me. The colors needed to be there and I needed some sophisticated cuteness in my header. That super simple totally sophisticated minimalist look is just not for me! So the hearts were added, they were colored in three different colors to go with the background. The font was reduced to something less bold but more wacky and girly and the size of the header was increased enough to throw my blog's name and tag line in everybody's attention radar when my blog was opened up on screen!
I tried on the header, paired it with the background, changed around the fonts of my blog accordingly, along with the color scheme and everything fell in place perfectly. I'd achieved the girly look, funky but sophisticated, cute but grown up, colorful but not a rainbow-vomit! I'd had fun designing the header and my blog makeover was finally complete!

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