Thursday, September 3, 2015

#ButtMustGo August 2015

I'm fully aware of the fact that I totally sneaked away and skipped writing my ButtMustGo account for July. It was more out of laziness and anger than because I cheated. I didn't cheat with the workout or the diet. I was lazy because I was super tired from all the post Eid panic and angry because I've reached a point again when I wouldn't see any more progress on that damned weighing scale. I'm not sad because I have lost a lot like I wanted to. I'm just disappointed that it wouldn't continue falling.

For the month of August too I am skipping my usual ButtMustGo entry where I post my workout records and food pictures. Instead let me just make a quick note about how far I have reached on my ButtMustGo mission. As of August 2015 I have achieved forty percent of my weight loss goal.

For the month of September I want to change some stuff around in the hope of tricking my body into losing more weight. I think my workout routine needs some kind of tweaking and so does my diet. Let's see what I come up with and whether it works or not!


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