Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ButtMustGo September 2015

This month too the numbers on the weighing scale stayed somewhat the same. Losing less than a pound isn't counted (at least not in my dictionary!) so I didn't bother calculating a new percentage. However, something did change. My height. No, I didn't suddenly grow taller. Just one of the many doctors I've seen in the last few years messed up (or maybe they were crazy). Back when I hadn't moved to the USA everywhere I used to get my height measured it used to come out to be 5 feet 5 inches. One of the doctors in the USA decided to declare me as 5 feet 4 inches one fine day. It was awkward and I did tell her assistant there had to be an error. She didn't listen and so I started using my newly shrunken height to calculate BMI and etc. Finally last week I saw another doctor and asked her assistant to check my height again. Tada! She told me I was 5 feet 4.8 or 9 inches which is basically supposed to be taken as 5 feet 5. So according to my old-new height my BMI does change slightly, giving me slack for two to four pounds on my initial weight loss goal. However, I'm still using my old goal to calculate the ButtMustGo mission's progress! I continue to eat right and workout, let's see if I lose some more the next month! Still not giving up hope!


  1. You're doing so well. Congrats.

    You've inspired me to "strive for five;" that's my goal for now. Twenty is closer to the mark, but I'm keeping my middle-age goals realistic.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Suzanne!
      Losing weight is such a tough job, especially when there is so much delicious food all around the planet! Haha!
      I am super glad I inspired you. That makes me feel so good! Good luck with the goal you've set :)
      Let's get in shape!!! *marches onward*


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