Thursday, October 1, 2015

Six Flags. Two Favorite People. One Great Day!

Every year they host the Muslim Families' Day at Six Flags America around Eid time. The first time we attended, Abbie and I went alone and had the craziest time. Just because the two of us Besties were alone we were so hyped up that we even ended riding (and almost dying!) a roller coaster. The second time we went mama went along too and we had a fun day riding less-dangerous rides and eating away! The third time we went we had SIL as a new addition to the family and we had a decent day enjoying good food and having fun! Last year we skipped and didn't go (it didn't seem much of an entertainment after Universal Orlando!). This year MFD fell mid-September under the blazing sun and I had absolutely no plans to go. Mama wanted to go real bad though so we made a plan and got ready. Bro was away on a holiday with his BIL so we grabbed SIL and Gubby and headed for Six Flags one fine Saturday.

It was the first time baby Gubby was with us. She hadn't been born two years back when we visited and last year SIL was pregnant with her and we'd skipped MFD. So naturally, just as everything else, Gubby brightened our day here too. The heat was TERRIBLE (Caution: Don't step in my melted mess please!) and it felt like the sun was piercing through our clothes and burning us away. This year they hadn't booked the entire park once again so half the attractions were closed too. There really wasn't much to enjoy but Gubby made the day so brilliant, we left super tired of all the fun we'd had. (Plus any day when I get a pretty picture taken in good clothes is a successfully lived day!)

October being almost here, the entire park had Halloween decorations on. These were such a classic sight, I tell you! I had a lot of fun grossing out over all the cut, oozing, bleeding, rotting, necrotic decorations. The Six Flags' shop (I have totally forgotten the name!) had the fabulous display that can be seen in the picture above. Further inside the park the walls were covered in cobwebs, zombies hung from random places along with skeletons. I spotted a rat, skulls, and pumpkins too. Oh and the gorgeous pumpkin lady was errr ... smiling for my camera in all her glory!
Isn't he cool?

Now let's first check out the most important thing: My outfit! If course it was the talk of the town that weekend. I went with a dark blue and black for the day. Over a gorgeous blue A line dress I paired a black half jacket, black jeans, and a sparkly blue scarf. My shoes were casual sneakers with beautiful silver sequins on them. I knew it would be super hot so I wasn't wearing too much jewelry, just two rings, one in each hand, and a silver brooch on my scarf! Nope, the furry blue thing on my head wasn't part of my outfit, I just posed with these crazy hats they were selling!

Of course, the Looney Tunes store they have at Six Flags is a must stop for me. I totally am in love with that store. They have such giant Looney Tunes props all around the store to pose and take pictures with.

Pepe Le Pew was there too! Reminded me of the stray skunk that recently was spotted in my neighborhood on random nights. Thank goodness it didn't fart around my place! *laughs*

The brilliant part this year was having a baby with us. Gubby was in such a happy mood! She loved being in the Looney Tunes store even though she had no clue who all the characters were. I insisted that we make her sit and pose with all of them for pictures so she can enjoy herself when she grows up and looks at all the memories. It was so adorable the way she was looking at all of them!

We checked out the Fudge shop next to the Looney store but we were unsure of the ingredients so we didn't indulge. I wanted to buy some fudge for bro so we could rub it in his face later on that we'd had such a great day with Gubby. I wish they'd state the ingredients for these, or at least have a more welcoming-looking person stand there so customers can dare to ask!

Abbie and I had really really badly wanted to ride The Great Race. We'd been hoping we'd get to ride it once again like we did years back and make a video like old times too. We'd even hoped they'd allow us to take Gubby with us (maybe!). We walked up to the ride all excited only to find that it was closed!

I was pretty pissed off. Helpful tip here organizers: If you want people to keep coming you've got to have more attractions open! Either this was closed by Six Flags itself or because the organizers of MFD hadn't booked it. How does it work, do they only pay for part of the park? Because lately I've been noticing how every year there are fewer attractions open on MFD for us to enjoy! Darn it. We had really been looking forward to this one!

The highlight of the day (other than me looking so fabulous!) was riding the carousel with Gubby. She LOVED it. It was so adorable. We rode the carousel twice. The first time round mama made the darling sit on the animal thingy by herself but she didn't want to. SIL sat on the animal instead with Gubby sitting in her lap. When the ride started moving so did Gubby. She was dancing, hopping, jumping, and shrieking in excitement!

Once wasn't enough. We rode the carousel again when it stopped. This time I sat with Gubby on this evil angry looking Tiger. Once again when the carousel started moving so did my baby niece! Gubby is such a doll, I swear! Plus I finally found a carousel partner who actually shares my level of excitement riding it!

Fun isn't complete unless you grab a bite. We have a tradition (started by Abbie and I!) of eating onion rings at Johnny Rockets whenever we go to Six Flags. So we sat down with a hot freshly fried plate of onion rings, sauces on the side, and a hyper Gubby sitting on top of our table (because she's too cool for baby chairs!)

SIL, the lucky one in the family who can consume LOTS of sweet stuff without swelling up like we do, got a GIANT sized (no kidding!) vanilla shake! I was staring at it like a deprived child from whom her ice cream cone had just been snatched away.

While we drank chilled diet coke to cool ourselves off a little bit and SIL sipped away the mighty milk shake, Gubby sat on the table drinking water from her sippy cup and eating Cheerios! She loves Cheerios and the way she picks them up one by one with tiny fingers is super adorable.

The prize toys were creepy and the game was only to be played by kids. Else, I'd have totally tried winning something for Gubby!

Ah, ofcourse! Abbie found her friends. She just had to pose with them. I took this masterpiece of a picture where she looks like she's posing the same way as the rotten skeletons. Although what she's really doing is grabbing Gubby's escaping stroller!

We skipped all the crazy stuff, duh. I've seen the angel of death on a roller coaster once, I don't wish to meet him again!

Photo credits: The fantastic me! Isn't it a classic?
I'd have forced Abbie to go on this pirate ship with me if only the sun wasn't blinding us!

And finally, before we left, I grabbed the golden opportunity and took Gubby and Abbie (the two precious favorites of my life!) with me to pose with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck! Gubby was staring at them with a 'what-on-earth?!' expression. I made her wave at Bugs too ("Gubby, see, buhbye buhbye!") and when he put his hand forward Gubby tried shaking it. I think this kid will kill me with her adorable ways!

It was a good day overall! Good food, family, THAT ADORABLE KID, my Bestie, looking pretty, getting LOTS of photos taken, and a good ride! I just wish next year they'd organize better and have more attractions open for us to enjoy.

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  1. I have re-lived MFD! This is so wonderful! But yeah, I don't think I'd go back because they ditch the good bits.


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