Saturday, October 17, 2015

Somethings Awesome This Way Come!

OctoNovember is officially the busiest season in my family. The year is nearing a close, we have all the family birthdays (except dad and bro!) to celebrate, and the Fall and Winter seasons are blowing our minds away with the pretty colors and chilly winds. Being the baker in the family I become pretty preoccupied with planning, designing, baking, and decorating awesome cakes for each birthday. I've already done two beautiful cakes in October for mama's and SIL's birthdays and I'm planning two more cakes now for Abbie and Gubby. So while all the hullabaloo works up in my brain over making everything perfect and I continue to enjoy my Fall and Winter seasons, let me do a nice little preview of all the awesomeness I have planned for my blog!


October Photography Month 2015
OctoPhoMo 2015 is going on in full swing and I'm loving it. It's super fun doing the prompts with Abbie and we keep discussing everyday what all we are going to post. So far I haven't even missed a single day, yayyyy me! My absolutely cool OctoPhoMo photos can be found right HERE!

OctoNovember Family Vacation
We have our annual family vacation planned for OctoNovember and ohhhhhhhhh dear are Abbie and I excited or what!? We are running short of time for planning and packing as usual because there are so many chores to finish and errands to run. On top of everything else mama's doctors keep delaying even basic stuff so much that we keep running from doctors' clinics to pharmacies and at the end of the day we are way too tired to do anything else. We just started picking out our vacation outfits at last and I'm going to attach boosters to my bum so I can pack in full speed! Can't wait to leave. Abbie and I have been so preoccupied with everything, we badly need a vacation!

No time to say hello goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

Birthday Fest Updates
So many birthdays means so many celebrations. Knowing the level of creativity in my house it is obvious that we celebrate each birthday with great enthusiasm and in great style. I've been baking and will be baking a lot more throughout November. The best part is I will soon be blogging about all the birthdays! Oh and just for a preview let me just squeal here and excitedly announce that I am officially going crazy over my birthday gifts! They are so fantabulously awesome that I think I'll explode with excitement! *squeals*

Duh, a Harry Potter reference is necessary!

Year End Summaries
I'll be doing a detailed round up of my 2015 this time. Detailed enough that I'll be drafting entries throughout OctoNovember so I can begin posting on time when the new year kicks in. Does the thought of the new year starting stir equal excitement in everybody, or is it just me and my overactive emotions again?!

A lot.

Yes! Absolutely right! My bedroom and bathroom makeovers are finally finally complete (let me cleverly not mention the few pending finishing touches left here and there) which means I can finally prepare for the grand reveal! I'm thinking I'll do the big reveal in December, sort of like a New Year project! Hmm .. let me see!

So, basically, I have a LOT planned for my blog throughout October and November. December will have a LOT of gorgeous summaries and pre-caps. Finally, the new year will have LOTS of awesomeness posted too! So stick around and stay tuned to my craziness!

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