Thursday, November 26, 2015

The OctoNovember Birthday Vacation ~ Day Three with Goblins!

"Welcome - Wizards, Witches, and Muggles," flashed the banners as we walked our ways towards Universal Studios on our third day at the parks. The air was almost nonexistent around me but it wasn't as hot as expected. The clouds threatened to pour over us but it was a fresh morning instead of a dull rainy one. Bro and SIL were with us today along with the tiny adorable cuteness Gubby. They were there for a few hours only after which they'd go rest in their hotel and join us with mama for the evening.

SIL had been craving to do The Escape from Gringotts. The previous year when we were there she had a new born Gubby to look after and my bro hates rides so she had no way to try Gringotts. She told us that over dinner and Abbie and I decided to do Gringotts for the second time so that she could tag along with us. The insides of Gringotts were as usual majestic and pristine pretty. I loved the marble insides with the shining gold details, while the chandeliers were breath taking!

We were in line for some time during which Gubby did begin getting cranky and Abbie and I wondered if it'd even be okay to leave her with bro and take SIL on the ride. When we looked at her with concern though I saw the look on her face and knew that there was no option. She was going to go on the ride no matter how bro managed *laughs*. So we continued making our way towards the indoor roller coaster as the line progressed. This was our third time riding the roller coaster and I had the familiar nervous excitement in my stomach which felt like a knot had been tied inside me. I loved that feeling. I hated it too. It was a love-hate relationship. On our third time on board we were directed to the very front seats of the trolley. Uh oh! What if this was more scary than sitting in the back seats? I was excited! When the trolley began moving I knew this was going to be the best experience ever within the first few seconds. It was beautiful, dangerous, and when I got off the ride my heart was pumping over time with adrenaline!

Once we had taken SIL on The Escape from Gringotts she sat down to put Gubby to sleep while Abbie and I made our way to The Fountain of Fair Fortune to satisfy our Butterbeer cravings. As usual, when the frozen magic poured down our throats it was like satisfactory bliss spreading to each and every corner of my body. Was there ever a drink better than this even made? The plan next was to board The Hogwarts Express so bro and SIL could experience the journey and get off at Hogsmeade where they'd depart for the hotel and Abbie and I will stay back and do our shenanigans.

Here's how the rest of our day went then ... Abbie and I rested a little bit in Hogsmeade first and then bought the much anticipated Pumpkin Juice. We'd wanted the bottle since years but we were scared of trying out pumpkin juice. While Abbie loved it, my doubts were proved right, I thought it was disgusting. With the not-so-awesome pumpkin juice with us we made our way back to the exit where bro, SIL, and mama were to join us. Once we had met up with them SIL insisted she wanted to some ride that involved getting completely drenched. She left with bro while Abbie, mama, and I had some time alone with a very fidgety Gubby. We fed her and tried to keep her entertained till they came back soaking wet. They had to go back to the hotel to change after which we all boarded the Hogwarts Express again to get off at Diagon Alley.
When we got off at Diagon Alley I had a bathroom emergency. When we'd left our home a couple days ago I'd had a bad IBS episode and mama had given me Imodium so I could find some peace and we could travel. Thanks to that I'd had a no show so far and my wonderful stomach decided to get all efficient and start working at that very moment. After that many days it's never fun and I was pretty much in discomfort. Abbie was meanly crazy enough to take a photo of my cubicle! *laughs* It had been a pretty good day and we concluded it with dinner at Cabana Bay's Bayliner Diner. My stomach was in peace now and Abbie and I were ready for day four.

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