Saturday, November 21, 2015

This November I Won't ...

Ages back I used to be a subscriber of the awesome Seventeen magazine. It used to be my favorite, especially given that I love magazines. I loved the content and the ads. The graphics were beautiful and there was so much to tear off and use for scrapbooking, crafting, and decorating the pin board. Recently I found a page I'd once torn out of a Seventeen magazine and I decided to use it at last. It's a list comprising of three habits that I'd like to give up for the month to make space for more positivity and time for the good stuff. I chose to give up the habits of over planning, pleasing people around me, and dieting!

Over planning
The one greater good that has come to me ever since I graduated is the peace of not running after deadlines or pending projects and assignments. Being the nerdy high achiever student that I always was that was the greatest and most stressful part through out my academic career. While a great load shed off from my stress level upon graduating, I still kept my bad habit of over planning all the time. When we went for the wonderfully fun OctoNovember Birthday Road Trip I spent around ten days of my life happily not planning anything at all. It was great. It was the best feeling in the world. So I chose to continue the habit when I returned home in the first week of November. It's done me good because I'm a lot less panicked and stressed out.

Pleasing People
This is possibly the worst one of all my bad habits. It's good to please people and keep good terms with those you know but it is another thing to keep trying when you don't get anything in return. I think I badly need to learn that. I've already been working on this since some time now and it's been a great change in my life.

Yes, November is officially the month I'm taking off from the overly controlled diet plan and workout routine that I've been working on since months. The last week of October, during our vacation, I had Butterbeer and other delicious stuff and this month I'll be indulging in some birthday cakes. I think instead of fretting over each bite I take, I'd rather take the month off and feel at peace!

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