Friday, December 11, 2015

Places I Wish I Could Be In Right Now

Carlos Bakery's Grand Opening In Orlando, Florida
Wow. I just returned from Orlando some time back and THE BUDDY VALASTRO decided to go there, of course, AFTER I returned home.

Shadowhunters On Ice
Okay so I NEARLY missed meeting that awesome cast face to face at New York's Winter Wonderland event! How sad am I? Can you imagine the kind of drool that'd escaped my mouth had THIS happened to me?

A Celebration of Harry Potter
I only just got back home from this place and now look at what's going to happen there. This one I'm not SO sad about missing because I've seen the parks, I've also seen the Expo in NYC once. It is just the cast being there that is the extra excitement!

Gossip Girl Sites Tour
Ohhhhhhhhhhh look what I found while Googling. There is actually a Gossip Girl tour that you can take when visiting New York City! Omg who knew?! Best part is you get to take pictures at their schools, also you can sit and pretend you're part of the hierarchy at the Met steps, and you can *insert sigh here* visit Chuck Bass's Empire hotel! How cool is that? Worst part is you're the only fan in your family and nobody else will ever want to do this. OkayBye.

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