Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Accepting the 2016 Reading Challenge

By the end of last year I was reunited with my love of reading. After years of being deep into a load of assignments, homework, exams, and what not in school and college I was finally able to read to my heart's desire again - i.e. read books other than those darn text books. It was such a great feeling to get my nose into a good book again. I purchased my Kindle and am now armed with a book wherever I go to respond when met with an emergency.

I recently noticed GoodReads had something called the '2016 Reading Challenge' on their website. It's basically setting a reading goal for yourself so you can challenge yourself on the number of books you promise to read during 2016. Of course I decided to accept the challenge, it sounds so cool and interesting. Even though I was tempted to enter a greater number of books in my challenge, I ended up punching in the number five. Here's the five reasons why I chose five books:
  1. I've just started reading again!
  2. Life is hectic and busy and I can't read all day everyday like I used to back when the Harry Potter books were being published (in those days it took only a few days to finish that entire fat book!).
  3. I've been out of touch with reading and don't know which book to pick up first to read. It'll need some researching so I invest in the best books first.
  4. I don't have a lot of reader pals to recommend new books.
  5. I'm currently reading The Mortal Instruments series and deliberately going slow because I don't want the books to finish! (Jaceeeeeeeeeee!)
So for this year I challenge myself to read five books! The plan is to finish the last three books of The Mortal Instruments and then read two more to achieve my reading goal. Let's see ... I am super excited and ecstatic to be reading again. Off I go now to read a couple more pages before I go to bed!

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