Friday, February 19, 2016

Something New, Something Old for My Kindle

Sometime back I bought a Kindle Paperwhite for myself and was reunited with my love for reading. My blog did go crazy for a while with my mega load of excitement pouring out through entries every now and then. Kindle is awesome. It is one of the best things to happen to me this year because to read is to feel free. Books are like my sweet escape from reality. I love my Kindle!

None of the electronic devices I own are dull and boring. I used to own a red shiny laptop before we had someone break into our house and take my bag with them. My camera used to be red and shiny too before it stopped working and they later discontinued the red color. The next camera I owned was purple and cute but that too got stolen with my laptop. Darn that burglar! My phone is always dressed in a beautiful case and just like that so is my new Kindle. When I placed the order for my Kindle I began the search for a beautiful case alongside. Shortly after Kindle dear arrived I received the case in the mail too.

Something New
Isn't my Kindle's new case cover just beautiful? *sighs* Abbie helped me make a choice of course (super indecisive person alert!). What I love the most about the new case cover is that it is a bookshelf but when I look closely I see abstract stuff that forms the bookshelf's structure.

Look close and there are buildings visible, windows, vegetables, and so much more ... It gives me a very 'fantasy' like feeling. It is the same feeling of escaping reality and finding magic in ordinary words - a feeling that I find in books. The case cover has a sleep/wake function too so that my Kindle powers on as soon as I flip open the case to read a book.

Something Old
When the new case arrived it was fresh and had a slight issue - the cover wouldn't stay closed by itself. Each time I placed my Kindle flat after reading my book, the cover would stay slightly open the way a soft cover remains slightly open when you've broken the spine of a new book. The sleep/wake function meant that whenever the cover opened slightly my Kindle switched on too, eating away the battery even while I wasn't reading. I needed to fix the problem without compromising on my new beautiful case and that is when Abbie the great intervened.

I inherited a beautiful case from Abbie, it has a beige classic look which adds to that old school classic feel I associate with reading books. A couple years back Abbie used to own a Kindle but when we had our house broken in to the burglar took away her Kindle along with my laptop and camera. Abbie bought an iPad later on and she now reads on her tablet which is why she never reordered a Kindle. She spent a lot of time thinking about another way of using the case which had been a birthday gift from me. Finally, she decided to pass it on to me. I didn't want to take it because birthday gifts are not supposed to be taken back but Abbie convinced me because it had no other use and she was never buying another Kindle. My favorite part about the case is that it is inherited, and that too from the one person I admire the most in my life. The case, which I am keeping very close to my heart always, is beautiful and adds to my excitement of reading.

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