Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Wacky Finds Series ~ Volume 12

It's time for Volume 12 of The Wacky Finds Series!
These are a monthly series I started out of sheer awe of how crazy things around me are! Here's what this is about ... Ahem Ahem: When my awesome self steps out of my bed each morning I meet a world of crazies. People, things, phenomena, and acts of nature which are simply too unusual to miss and not record! The Wacky Finds Series will cover all the weird stuff that I find along my way; good weird, awkward weird, bad weird, I-totally-don't-get-this weird .. all kinds of weird shall be recorded and snapped without any discrimination!

For the very first wacky find for the month I bring you an exclusive sneak peek of what a cake decorator's (a.k.a MY) kitchen counter looks like while she's in progress working on a cake. Yes, I am a fantabulous baker and cake decorator behind Sara's Baked Creations and the picture above was taken by Abbie when I was busy decorating The Knitting Cake. If you look close I've moved from one area to the next and the cake has moved with me. We started off cutting cake scraps and buttercreaming everything up (top right) and moved on to the fondant finishes (bottom right). Wacky eh?

Guess what this wacky find is? Two question marks, yes. But what exactly are they hinting?
That is actually a picture of two colored cookies' dough. This deliciously wacky picture was used as a sneak peek on my baking page before I revealed the Spritz Cookies I baked from the dough. Mmmm mmmm ... so yummy!

Okay everyone make way for the stupid alert. MAJOR stupid coming through with this one. Sometime ago we had our surveillance corrected and this dude climbed up into the attic for it. He climbed up inside and then his leg came kicking through the ceiling. He tore the ceiling ... destroyed it ... and just please, oh puh-leeeez, note that there was a very tiny distance between the hole he's made and the ceiling fan in that room. Imagine what would've happened had he kicked down on the fan!?

This one is a sad wacky find actually. Not sure if everybody else feels the same opinion, but to me it's just plain sad that somebody dropped their MCD fries. Whoever bought these fries from the MCD near the place I snapped this picture at was REALLY into eating them; note the ketchup. It was a detailed attempt at eating fries, complete with ketchup and then ... they fell on the road. So so so very sad. I feel for the person.

I couldn't have ended this entry on a sad fallen fries note. So I saved this beautiful find for the end. I found this absolutely wacky but really really pretty mirror at Home Goods. SO beautiful. I loved it! I didn't buy it because it wasn't of use to me anywhere in my room but I fell in love!

That's all for this time! Until the next five wacky finds ... have a wacky day!

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