Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blog Updates! All The Awesomeness ...

Oooooooooooh there is just SO much awesomeness heading towards my blog, it called for a MAJOR update slash announcement slash show off entry! Over the next few weeks (in fact maybe months even) I have lots of seriously AWESOME shawsome stuff to blog about. It's the kind of awesome that makes me shake with excitement! *sqeuaaaaaaaaaaaaaals*

The April A to Z Blogging Challenge
I participated in this last year and I am doing it again! If you're a blogger you must seriously not want to miss out on this super cool blogfest! The website can be found right here (join in!!). It's basically a challenge that makes you blog from each letter of the alphabet throughout the month of April - minus the Sundays! Having a theme is nice but optional. It is really fun to go around reading the creative stuff people have to post, last year I made some really sweet blogger friends, and an entry everyday totally kicks the blogger within you so it's a win-win for your blog. My theme this year is one filled with deadly delicious and mouth watering and drool evoking and OMG-so-lovely pictures showcasing my talent behind Sara's Baked Creations. Find my theme reveal and challenge index right here. All of April will have my blog plastered with deliciousness every single where you look!!!

Double Comics & Tweet Logs
Because I am planning out my A to Z stuff and scheduling those posts and also because most of March was spent traveling and being sick with stomach flu and then recovering from both respectively, I'll be skipping the Sara In Comics and Tweet Logs entries for this month. Instead, a combined entry for the month of March and April will show up once the A to Z challenge comes to an end!

Wacky Finds Updates
For the month of April I'll have post after post lined up for each day so I may not find a spot for the monthly Wacky Finds series. Sooooo I might end up skipping April and a Wacky Finds post will be back for the month of May. Our wackiness can wait a while, yeah ...

Makeovers Makeovers
Oh yes, I have my makeovers nearly finished and the reveal/show off posts will soon be published right here on my dear blog darling. My bathroom looks FANTASTIC and so does my bedroom! I am exploding with excitement, seriously!!! Once all is done, I have taken the perfect pictures, and composed a fabulous post both the makeovers shall be blogged right here. I am aiming to do these during the month of May *fingers crossed* but let's see how what life decides ...

Wreck This Journal Madness
That's right, Abbie gifted a Wreck This Journal journal to me on my last birthday and I haven't had a chance to begin wrecking it so far. I am planning on some serious wreckage and of course what happens in my life shows up on my blog! It's all coming up soon!

Art Journal, Perhaps?
Abbie has started keeping one and duh I have to cheat and copy take inspiration from her. I think I'll start one very soon, one of these days ... And of course it shall appear on my blog when it happens!

Didn't I say it already?
I have too much planned - actually lots more in my head than what I already wrote about. 
It looks like the next few months will be super busy and fun with me and my blogging!


  1. Looking forward to the awesomeness! ��

    1. Super excited as you can tell! :) You'll love all that's coming up!

  2. Can't wait to see your AtoZChallenge, it sounds amazing. I'm blogging blessings at and also poems about MS at

    1. Hey Emma!
      Thanks for stopping by :D I hope the A to Z is going great for you so far! I'll be coming over soon to check out your blog and your A to Z entries. :)

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    1. Hey Narayana,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Good luck and have fun with the challenge!

  4. Now I feel I'm dead on my blog!

    1. Hahahaha! Story of our lives. We're always looking at the other one's blog and feeling this way!


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