Friday, March 11, 2016

February 2016 In Comics

The entire month of February was spent on a trip to my country of birth, Pakistan - where our house has been shut off since we moved to the USA and Dad hasn't bothered maintaining the rooms where we lived. It was a trip full of ups and downs and I was home sick within days. Abbie and I met old friends, shopped crazy for a month, ate delicious desi food from our childhood days, relived memories, and created new ones. We also were stared at by sick desi men, got broken necks and backs from the disastrous old mattress, had the living daylights scared out of us by giant cockroaches and lizards, and experienced annoying women's clothes ads and cheating idiotic tailors! The darzi was the biggest scare I swear! On top of that the internet in our house wasn't the best connection ever and Dad didn't even bother getting the TV in our room fixed up with a connection so we ended with no television for a month and a very moody internet connection.

The flights to and from were the best part of the entire trip! I saw lots of movies; Queen and Hotel Transylvania on our way there, Pan (only halfway through!), Hotel Transylvania 2, Maleficent, Singh Is Bling (not even halfway through because it was so boring!), and San Andreas (the ending of which I couldn't finish because our flight landed back home!).

And then the sulk began because the shut off parts of the house were dirty!

Of course whenever you travel from the US to Pakistan you end up with food poisoning because the house you're staying in is dirty!

It was seriously the worse kind of torture.

And we found ourselves counting down to the day we'd fly back home where we'd have our self-cleaned house, good internet, and TV!

The nice part of the boredom that resulted from no TV on the trip was that I was finally convinced to join Snapchat and I actually like it!

Now that I'm back home it is already March and I am so excited for all the awesomeness I have planned for my blog! Sooooooooooooooooooon ...

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