Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I'm an April A to Z Challenge Survivor! Yay!

Hello hello everyone! April has finally come to an end and so has the Blogging from A to Z Challenge for that month. This was my second year participating in the challenge and HELLO FABULOUSOSITY, I was such a fabulous participant! I didn't miss a single post, didn't rush through them either because I planned ahead, and came up with some really delicious and beautiful entries too! It is now all done though *sad face* but also *breath of relief* for I'm going to miss the craziness of it all but it also feels much more relaxed around here now that I can get back to my regular blogging routine!

The April A to Z website, where all the awesomeness happens, posted about a reflections post and duh, as always, I'm here to blabber away! So it's time for some reflecting!

Recap Time! What Was I Up To This Year? 
My theme for this year was all about my talent behind Sara's Baked Creations. I revealed my theme on March 21st and created an index of all the entries I was planning to write. Last year my theme had been visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando Florida and it had gone GREAT. So this year too I'd been very excited about doing the challenge and what better than to have delicious mouth-watering pictures plastered all over your blog for an entire month, yeah? Those who followed my blog through out the challenge knew what sinfully delicious entries I came up with and how difficult it was to not drool while you read and saw the pictures.
Find my theme reveal and the index to all my A to Z entries right here ---> *~*~*~*~*

The Greatness of It All!
  • April blogging was super fun and very interesting thanks to the A to Z Challenge! I'm usually not a fan of April (not my favorite season, not my birthday month, none of the good stuff!) so it can become pretty dull and boring around here otherwise. The challenge kept me happy and entertained.
  • It brought out the creativity in me. I saw how creative I actually was when I looked back at all the stuff that I had baked over the past five years. I also got pretty creative when it was time to create my A to Z index. Coming up with the letters Q, X, Z and all that is a tough job, okay?
  • I found some REALLY cool new blogs and bloggers. Some of these were fellow Harry Potter fans which is always a treat and some had really fun blogs to visit otherwise. I connected with more people on social media too. I found some great people on Twitter and some awesome people on Instagram. It was all good!
  • I got SO much praise that it brought my self confidence and self esteem high up (you know, think The Sims mood meter going totally green!). People had such beautiful compliments to write on my blog posts. I felt loved and appreciated which is always such a great feeling to experience!
  • I blogged for an entire month EVERYDAY again, yayyyyyyyy!
  • My blog looked absolutely delicious with such beautifully detailed pictures of all my bakes floating around EVERYWHERE for an entire month. I also FINALLY got started on a long awaited project - blogging about Sara's Baked Creations. I've baked so much over the past five years and somehow I kept wanting to blog the making and the details of it all but never found the time to begin. Finally, that's done and look how awesome it turned out to be!
Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! I survived! I survived!

I was a little slow with reading others' blogs during the A to Z so I intend on doing that now and catching up so I find lots more awesomeness. Can't wait to see if there'll be a 'Themes That Rocked The Challenge' this year too! Last year I'd been featured and interviewed and it had felt SO SO SO cool! Eeeeeeeeee, and now the same worry, will I be able to participate again next year? No? Yes? If yes, what will my theme be? Can it be as awesome as Harry Potter or my delicious baking? Oh well, let's see ...


  1. You had the yummiest of all themes this year. I couldn't look if I was hungry.

  2. Well done for another challenge complete. I love that chocolate cake picture, it's making my mouth water right now!
    You site has a lovely feel to it and so pretty. I look forward to discovering your baked creations.

    1. Thank you Suzanne! :D I loved reading your comment :D
      Hope I continue to bring more awesomeness through my blog!

  3. I enjoyed your A to Z Challenge. Your cakes and baked creations all looked amazing. This was my first year in the challenge so I missed your Harry Potter theme from last year, but am sure I would have loved that one too.

    Weekends in Maine

    1. Thank you Karen! :D I'm so glad to know that!
      You can always find all the Harry Potter posts on my blog. There's a short cut to the posts in the navigation bar on the right side under the Featured Blog Series section --->


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