Thursday, July 28, 2016

Graphics To Love!

I don't mean to say I'm above other human beings by any means but sometimes I really really really do need to realize that some people will always have something horribly negative to say to me. I need to realize that they have their horrible intentions and motives behind it!

I've quit music but ohhhhhhhhh dear when an old song comes up at a wedding or at the mall it brings back so many memories! Crazy what a few minutes of a song can remind you of, yeah?

Officially, truly, in all honesty, and completely I have let go of some so called friends I'd been trying way too hard to hold on to. They weren't interested and I was fooling myself for years. Life is happier and lighter without the stress of trying to keep them in it.

I'm a strong believer of alone time. In fact I wrote an entire entry on the importance of alone time as part of my I Love Myself blog series

Hahahahaha! Seriously, this is a very serious desi problem! Hahahahaha!


  1. Sara, don't worry. Life happens and people move on. Send them away with a prayer for their happiness and another person will enter your life when he/she is needed. :-) (Loved that last one, by the way. Not sure what salaam and roti are, but I imagine it's like cereal and milk: there's always milk left at the bottom of the bowl so you pour in more cereal, then there's too much cereAl so you pour in more milk. Repeat. :-D

    1. Suzanne! Your comment made me feel so good <3 Thank you!
      You're right, I have sent people away with a prayer.
      Saalan and roti are curry and naan/bread by the way :D So now you get the struggle! Hahaha!

  2. Hahaha that saalan roti at the end cracked me up! I seriously need to start doing these too --- my blogs are zombie dead! You rock

    1. Love youuuuuuuuuuu bestie <3
      I find SO many graphics everywhere online I couldn't possibly let them go waste :D


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