Saturday, August 13, 2016

A HomeGoods Happy Day

So one day somebody called mama and invited us to a wedding. Whenever that happens it means one thing for sure: We need to go and buy a gift for the bride. When mama finished talking on the phone, telling the lady we'll all be there, she spoke those few words that always make me squeal with joy. We were heading for Home Goods to go gift shopping for the wedding.


As always the instant we were inside Home Goods I was in extreme bliss mode. Seriously, have they done something to the store's atmosphere or is it just me and my love for all the awesomeness? Doesn't the air inside Home Goods feel different? It feels brighter, it smells like beautiful home decor, and it tastes of the sweet sweet taste of makeovers and interior design. Okayyyyyyyyyy I'll cut my drama. Coming to the point now. I took some pictures of what I loved the most! I promise I only posted my absolute favorite ones (because I might have taken a million pictures while I was in there).

The first loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee moment inside Home Goods was when I saw this collection of Italian vases in the most beautiful bright colors ever. They were my room. Yes, my room. I mean, they were exactly what would fit in my room. It was as if they'd seen what my room looked like and then made these inspired from my room's decor. Trust me when I say this, we spent a good deal of time over these. Mama tried persuading me into buying these and I kept fighting against myself in my head. NO MORE SPACE LEFT IN MY ROOM. NO MORE SPACE LEFT IN MY ROOM. BUT BUT BUT MAYBE IF I REPLACE THAT WITH THIS VASE? .. NOOOO. NO MORE SPACE LEFT IN YOUR ROOM. BUT. NOPE. SNAP OUT OF IT! And we walked away without the vases in my trolley.

Then I fell in love with this laundry hamper!
I already have a laundry bag and since it isn't a major part of my room's decor I wasn't going to replace it either. So ... keep on walking Sara.

And then came the section where I always always fall in love. The lamps! Home Goods has a collection of the most beautiful lamps. The sadness is that I have no space left on my desk or my dresser to add a table lamp on. I swear, if I could find even the slightest possibility of fitting a lamp in my room I'd totally buy one ...

Like this gorgeous one right here. BEAUTIFUL!

I feel like whenever I go to Home Goods I find one such pretty thing. You know? Tufted, with those buttoned details, and to top it all off a beautiful shade of hot pink!

And then I became totally gaagaa when I saw the memory boxes! I already bought two memory boxes recently for my room so I had to peel my eyes away from them.

And finally I left my heart with this beauty. It was perfect for one of the walls in my room where I'm otherwise planning a tiny collage of frames and stuff. Sadly, the size wasn't okay.

And yes, that means I walked out of Home Goods without buying anything for myself.
But that never makes me sad! I always go to Home Goods, look, enjoy, and love.
I was super happy! No wait, actually, I was HomeGoodHappy!

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