Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Cursed Child ~ I GOT MINE!

Please allow me to go mental with excitement right now because I now officially own a personal copy of The Cursed Child. Ever since I had learned of the play and that more Harry Potter related content was to float through the universe I had been going nuts. But wait, if the play happens in the UK and no where else how am I supposed to find out what happened nineteen years later? And then a few days later my question was answered when they announced the release date for the play's script in book form! AWESOME!

Siriusly now, Harry Potter and the entire wizarding world is so bloody brilliant that I can't help but get excited when it is mentioned! I really really do love magic! I was going crazy about The Cursed Child even before it hit stores and when it finally did I just couldn't handle it. It was everywhere, that yellowish book cover staring at me from all possible corners as soon as I stepped outside my house.

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At first I decided to buy it the day it hit stores. Then when I googled it up I found out another collector's edition was planned for the future. That made me conclude that I'd wait. But how does one wait when the entire universe is reading Harry Potter and everywhere you go you see it in front of you? Finally, I decided the collector's edition wasn't possible to wait for and I'd go ahead and buy the one in stores. Then came the tiny voice in my head that reminded me I had important travel plans coming up and wouldn't get a chance to read the book until after I returned in mid September. I siriusly needed to sort my priorities. So I did. I decided I'd come back from my travel plans in mid September and then buy it as an early birthday present. There ... settled. But nothing is that simply settled with me, is it? Nope. One fine day I got a text from my Dad who was on his way to visiting us here. It said that he had bought The Cursed Child for me from Dubai's airport. I was standing in the kitchen when I received the message, cooking deliciousness for Dad ahead of time, and my jaw dropped open. I shouted out to Abbie and told her immediately. It felt SO weird. I mean awesome weird. Dad had bought it for me. I was going to touch the book soon, smell it, hold it, keep it with me forever. I couldn't understand how to wait for Dad to reach home. IT WAS SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOO BLOODY BRILLIANT! 

I know I don't get a chance to read the book until at least mid September but at least I have it! MY OWN BOOK! Meanwhile reviews have started popping up all around the internet. I was scared of spoilers so I didn't read details but I got the general idea and it is shocking. People are in love with it but also upset. But hey wait, this is HARRY POTTER we are talking about, I can't possibly stay away from it?

A lot of people are upset because this 'book' isn't written in book form ... It is a play script. But but butttttt it said so already, what was the shock?! Even if it is a script only, it is still Harry Potter. Nobody promised an eighth fully detailed novel by J.K. Rowling so what is the fuss about? Shouldn't we just be glad we have more Harry Potter content? Some other reviews I read also mentioned that it felt more like fan fiction than something officially properly written. That one I still have to find out when I finally give it a read. But hey ...

All I am saying is that I know that whenever a Potter book will come out I will be excited. Whenever there will be any wizarding world update it will drive me cuckoo. That's just the way this entire craze is. It may be that a play instead of a movie or book wasn't the best thing that could happen to us Potterheads (I mean really, JKR you could totally give us more books ... or maybe even not give us books and just keep these less-than-novel things away, period.) but anyway The Cursed Child and the fact that I now own it is pretty awesome and super exciting!

Now if you will please excuse me so I can go and make space for The Cursed Child in my Potter themed bookshelf!

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