Thursday, September 1, 2016

Travel Plans!

Oh yes, that's right!
I have some awesome travel plans for this month.
I am going for the blessed journey of Hajj this year and I am so excited. It's actually a mixed load of feelings; I'm excited but scared, happy but stressed, and super thankful all at the same time.
So when will I be leaving, how long will I be gone, and what will happen on my darling blog while I'm away? Well, I'll be traveling in a couple of days and will be gone for the first half of September. While I'm away I've tried my best to schedule blog posts ahead of time so the awesomeness of my blog continues in my absence as well. I will be super tired when I return and let's not forget the jet lag so it may be that when I come back I'm unable to begin blogging right away. Ughhhh yes, that means I might (might might might, hopefully not though) become a wee bit silent for a few days during mid September. But that we shall see when it happens.

For now, I know a few things for sure.
First, Gubby will not be traveling with us and since she's staying back at her Nani's place I will be missing her like crazy. Darn, I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it. I hope she stays just fine without her mom and us pampering and kissing her every second. I hope she doesn't miss us too much and I hope time passes easily for both of us so we can come back and hug each other once again soon.
Second, Hajj is no easy journey and with the kind of neck aches and migraines I deal with I am freaking out. I'm praying I stay fine and accomplish everything I'm hoping for. You darn migraines, you better stay away from me. And you stupid neck aches you better leave me in peace!
Third, there's going to be so much walking, oh my my ... I hope I lose some weight *laughs*.
Fourth, as usual we started packing super late and I'm stressing over and about everything.
Oh and finally, one last thing, I am feeling so blessed to get to go for Hajj this year. I have so many plans and so many hopes and wishes. It's going to be the journey of a lifetime (God willing) and I hope everything goes smoothly and as best as it possibly can.

So here I go ... good bye all!


  1. Have a fun trip, Sara. I'll try not to get TOO upset if you miss a few blog posts. :-D

    1. I only missed one while I was away according to my usual blogging schedule! Hope I didn't upset you too much :D Haha!

  2. sounds a great trip!


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