Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Po!

Today I complete six adorably fluffy and plushy years with my giant cutie pie teddy bear Po!
Happy sixth birthday to my darling Po Teddy who is the softest and hugest teddy bear of my life!
I'd fallen in love with him at first sight and I still remember looking at my siblings with big eyes full of hope that they'd let me take it home with me as a present on my 19th birthday. They'd tricked me by saying no then and planned on surprising me later on my birthday but halfway through the store as we made our way back home they got worried of the bears selling out by the time they had a chance to return. Minutes later we were walking out the store with this huge guy! It was hilarious bringing him home. Everybody was staring at him stuffed in our car, getting out of the vehicle, and climbing upstairs to the condo where we lived back then. Since then Po has been my favorite stuffed toy!

This is a picture from that joyous day when we decided to bring him home!

We've dressed up and loved Po over the past six years. I once tried fitting him into my brother's formal jacket. Hey, don't judge! He did somehow manage to fit inside, just that the jacket was a wee bit small on his stomach. He looked dapper though!

I dressed him up in one of my green scarves, wrapping it around him like a tee. It does look like he is wearing a tee by the way! He looked adorable! No matter how you dress him up he always looks awesome!

This is Po on his first birthday in my life. He's had too much cake to be able to pose for the camera!

His paws are bigger than my entire face and I'm a chubby cheeked person so that is saying something! Six years later Po remains with me, my dearest stuffed family member. Little had I known when I'd first brought him home that six years later even my baby niece Gubby would fall in love with him. She loves playing with him, sinking in his plushy fur, lying in his furry lap, and hugging his fatness. It is the happiest sight ever seeing Gubby bond with Po!
*Insert endless hearts and aww noises here*

A picture of Gubby with Po from last year!

This one is from his fifth birthday when Abbie and mama got a piece of cake from the store to celebrate his presence in our family! *laughs*

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