Monday, October 31, 2016

October Photography Month 2016 ~ OctoPhoMo!

Woohoo! You know it is just the start of awesomeness!
Because Oct-oh-ber has begun! My birthday month yayyyyyyy!
Also, it's October Photography Month time!
One photo a day, every day of the month.
Notice the absolutely gorjabulous banner I made for OctoPhoMo for 2016!
Yes yes, I know I am awesome, thank you!
And now, let's get to the awesome part. Just like last year, this time too I'll be posting all the prompts' pictures in one entry instead of posting separate entries for each. It makes it even more awesome-er that way!
So here we go ...

October 01
'Joy OR Sorrow'
A message of joy printed on a memory box in my bedroom! Oh and yes, I mean this too. I'd rather enjoy myself however I want than sit uptight trying to be dignified and behaved in other people's opinions.

October 02
Light OR Dark
Lumos - a spell that lights up the room and one of my favorite ones from Harry Potter. I'm currently reading The Cursed Child and absolutely loving it!

October 03
Color OR Black & White
Gorgeous colors with a beautiful message on a memory box I found at Home Goods. I wish I had endless space in my room, I'd have bought all the pretty memory boxes in the world!

October 04
Sweet OR Savory
We celebrated mama's birthday today and of course I baked a delicious cake that looked gorgeous! Buttt I also made super tasty sugar free whole wheat french toasts for her!

October 05
Water OR Land
A beautiful view from the plane's window on my way back from my latest travel.

October 06
Pride OR Shame
Oh yes, I love myself very very very very very much! Truly, madly, deeply, and most sincerely. I am very proud of who I am inside and out! Thank you very much!

October 07
Patriotic OR Passionate
The high I get from baking and cake decorating can't be compared to anything else in the world! This passion, this obsession ... I LOVE IT!

October 08
Devious OR Delightful
A smile is happiness you will find right under your nose! What a delightful thought! Oh and I'd like a side order of cake pops and brownies right under my nose too please, thank you!

October 09
Birth OR Death
Honoring the woman who gave me birth on her birthday this week!

October 10
Horror OR Comedy
I found this fun Halloween candy display while grocery shopping this week! This is horror and comedy in one! *laughs*

October 11
Wood OR Metal
On our recent trip to HomeGoods I spotted these beauties! Gold metallic accents on these made me drool uncontrollably! But no, I did not bring these home.

October 12
Smooth OR Rough
You know it's a perfect day when your cake looks super smooth! A smooth cake is such a beautiful sight to witness! This is a picture taken during the making of The Fancy Lace & Flowers Cake inside my fridge!

October 13
Lucky OR Unlucky
How lucky I am to have such a precious relationship with my niece Gubby! And how lucky she is to have an auntie who loves her beyond control!

October 14
Love OR Hate
Our gnome is sending everybody lots and lots of LOVE! Abbie and I got this stuffed gnome for Gubby darling! To be honest, I absolutely adore this fellow, probably even more than Gubby herself!

October 15
Left OR Right
There's love and awesomeness left, right, and center in my room! Which is also why I'm trying to find a place for this beautiful graphic in my room somewhere. I found this in some magazine and clipped it off! Love it!

October 16
Numbers OR Letters
Finally unwrapped the gold sequined XO for my beautiful room! I love it so much it is giving me happy tears. Is there anything better than glitter and sequins?!

October 17
First OR Last
The last little puff of my favorite perfume left! Hilary Duff's With Love perfume remains my absolute favorite!

October 18
Paper OR Plastic
Gubby's toys are all super adorable. I love playing with her in her little colorful kitchen. I snapped this picture after washing and sanitizing her toys. They are happily drying away so Beeya and Gubby can play with them.

October 19
Peaceful OR Chaotic

Some me time is all I need to blow off steam! Nothing better than a peaceful little while with myself, especially on my birthday today!

October 20
Nature OR Nurture
When nature calls you have to answer! Abbie and I found these adorable emoji cushions while grocery shopping. This represents the difference in our personalities, Abbie the elegant dark one and I the colorful silly one! *laughs*
PS: They should have known nobody will take these as ice creams when they were designing these emojis!

October 21
Haunted OR Empty
Hello! How about an early haunted Halloween picture? I don't do Halloween but I love posing with all the haunted scary spooky props in shops around this time!

October 22
Rodents OR Birds
I found rodents at a Halloween display in Target where I was busy snapping Abbie's pictures as she went crazy over the giant spiders and the other scary stuff. I was uneasy getting too close to those hairy ugly spiders!

October 23
Hot OR Cold

Abbie gifted me this hot pink Betsey Johnson handbag with a big black and white bow and gold accents! It is tufted! It is pink! It is beautiful! I have fallen absolutely and uncontrollably in love with it!

October 24
Waking OR Dreaming

Dream big! Another one of my birthday gifts. I bought this myself for my room. The other side says Be Inspired and is beautifully pink - yes of course I'll post a picture later on!

October 25
Book OR Movie
I love this movie book about the making of and the magic behind Harry Potter! It has so much detail, beautiful little things like a Marauders Map and other Potter stuff, and really fun facts.

October 26
Matte OR Shiny

My gorgeous sparkly beautiful ring with lots of blings! I love shiny jewelry!

October 27
Sharp OR Dull
Pretty sharp huh?

October 28
Masculine/Male OR Feminine/Female

Showing off my gorgeous pink and yellow outfit which I recently wore to a lunch party! I absolutely love this combination and I love being a lady even more! Forever going to be a girly girl! Pssssst ... Hope you noticed the gorgeous pink clutch!

October 29
Bravery OR Cowardice
I am super scared of bugs and all creeps! These were made from Playdoh by Abbie but they still made me go all eew!

October 30
Capture OR Freedom
Voted for the first time in my life today!

October 31
Demons OR Saints
I still have to read The City of Heavenly Fire from The Mortal Instruments series. Can't wait to find out what the demons and Shadowhunters are up to!

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