Monday, October 31, 2016

Saraallie's Terrific Twenty Five!

For a woman for whom birthdays are a very big deal, my twenty fifth birthday celebrations were perfect! I spent the entire day doing what mattered to me most, eating away deliciousness, relaxing, and treating myself to hardcore awesome. There couldn't have been a more perfect way to celebrate twenty five years of my existence. I got a beautiful and extremely delicious chocolate cake, glitter, sparkle and glam, great birthday presents, fabulous cards, hugs, and the most gorjabulous celebration decor!

Abbie worked so hard on everything and it all paid of because OH MY GOD was I in love with everything or what!!!??? I had an XoXo skyline themed glitterati shlitterati birthday party! Two words: AWE SOME!!!

The family celebrated my awesomeness at night after dinner but I made sure I lived a special day throughout the day too. My birthday morning was a peaceful ME session. If you know me you know how seriously I take my ME TIME. I spent a very serene personal morning which included wearing one of my favorite casual outfits, selfies and auto self timers, blogging, and enjoying the prettiness of my bedroom. Lunch was a Popeyes' fries and onion rings binge and I had a fun Auntie sesh with my Gubbly wubbly too. It was such a relaxing day that I even dozed off to a short nap in the evening. I never take naps during mid day because I feel like I can never wake up fresh and quick. I napped on my birthday and woke up fresh. That is how awesome the day was! But the real deal began at night after dinner's Birthday Biryani session. It was time to bring out that beautiful cake Abbie had made, put up all my birthday decorations, and cut the cake!


Mama and Abbie got me beautiful birthday cards and I loved the messages inside too. I'm keeping these with me like I do every year. I will soon get to work on my new scrapbook and when I do these pretty babies shall be going right in there.

Now let me show off my birthday cake in detail, okay? Okay.
Everything on this cake was a giant WOW. There was glitter, bling, gold, sparkle, SO MUCH AWESOMENESS.

Starting from the bottom, Abbie displayed this gorgeousness on a studded delicate gold cake stand. This was actually my gift from her last Eid! The stand itself is super beautiful!

She used a red glitter stilleto ornament to stand along side the cake. This ornament has been a part of my awesome room's decor and was perfect to represent my laadee daadee dum self! The entire sides and some of the cake's top were beautifully piped roses. The coffee frosting gave my cake a super gold look. It looked so beautiful!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh! Abbie studded the roses with pretty white pearls too.

On the top of the cake was gold glitter which Abbie accomplished through sprinkling colored sugar crystals all over. There were also delicious chocolate chips perfecting the roses at the very top. I loved the gold glitter, that's just so me!

Omg omg omg did I tell you how much I lovedddddd the cake topper! It was a handmade 25 which Abbie cut out from paper and then she stuck red blings on it. It is so awesome when cakes have keepsakes and this 25 is such a pretty one. I'm keeping it forever and will stick it in my scrapbook!

The star of the show was Abbie's handcrafted skyline! It was gold, it was silver, it was glittery, it was sparkly, it had blings. It was just breathtakingly beautiful! I saw the entire making of this by the way and it was such a genius thing to do! I'm keeping this forever too! I think I plan on putting it up on one of the free walls in my room.

Also part of the decor was my XoXo mug which was Abbie's major inspiration. She decorated with big pretty red roses and got me a magnet for a gift. It says 'Glitter is my favorite color' and how true is that about me!

My gold sequined XO from my room's decor made a glorious appearance at the XoXo Skyline Birthday celebration too. Shining in all its glory, it was!

Mama even got fancy dessert plates to make it extra special!

Then the cake was cut and the world stopped spinning.

There was an explosion in my mouth. It was a truck load of feelings. A whole load of flavors. There was an intensely moist and deep flavor of decadent chocolate cake. Moments of bittersweet coffee frosting broke through the chocolate in every bite. Chocolate chips added the sweetness where salty pretzels drove me out of mind. This cake was TO DIE FOR!

I repeat: TO DIE FOR!

Now I don't think I can say anything more after recalling that cake in my mouth. I've lost my mind and whatever senses I had. So let me just leave on a super sweet note. Abbie's message in my birthday card was too good! Thank you Abbie for making my birthday super glittery and sparkly! I love you!

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