Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I'm Back. With a BANG!

Whenever I have a gigantic writer's block or go missing from my beautiful blog I always find an entry like this one helps. An entry where I sum up everything I have in mind for my blog. An entry with previews of everything I am planning. An entry where I basically brain storm my entire world. It really does clear my mind and then I can just jump into things and write write write and ... okayyyy shut it, you've made your point!

So I've been away because of a gazillion reasons, the main one being super simple: I was busy. I was so busy that it's been over a month since my birthday and I still have all of my gifts stacked on top of my bed. I had intended to take pictures of them so I could do some show and tell right here on my blog, upload on my social media, and show off. I've been so busy that the room makeover I was supposed to finish and finalize about a month ago is still pending. I've been so busy that I have hardly done anything that I'd classify as a 'for me' activity in forever. It's just been work, chores, stress, repeat for me and trust me I haven't enjoyed it at all. I'm finally trying (and hoping) to break from the mad routine to return to blogging! So what all is coming up on my blog next?

Lots of Showing Off
I have so much new stuff and awesome things to show off. I did lots of shopping on my birthday all of which needs to be shown off, duh! I got gifts too that need to be blogged about. Then I celebrated Abbie's and Gubby's birthdays with beautiful themed cakes and decorations and I can't wait to get to show it all off. So I have new stuff, new clothes, delicious and stunning cakes, and beautiful DIY party arrangements coming up soon!

A Weekend In Canada
I just returned this past Sunday night from a short trip to Canada. My brother had to meet his in-laws there so Abbie, mama and I tagged along too. I met an old high school buddy and laughed my worries away with her over delicious food. I snapped a million pictures and posed for another two million (because I love posing for pictures!). I visited cool places, ate mouth watering food every day all day, and relaxed to my heart's content. I'll be blogging the deets soon and it's going to be fun!

Tens of thousands of recipes all around me, lots of which I tried, lots that I pinned for later, and lots that I put off and away because they were a) either too fattening or instant 20 pounds weight gain kind or b) too complicated or awkward! I plan on posting lots of new recipes with pictures as and how I cooked them!

Reviews and What I'm Watching
I've been watching so many things lately. There's Master Chef India and Bigg Boss Season 10 with Salman Khan on TV and so many new movies I've seen (Jurassic World being my last watched and oh my I loved it!). I want to write reviews or thoughts about them all soon!

Room Makeover
Believe it or not but just when my room's makeover was almost done (like 99% done) I got a truck load of new things on my birthday that just NEED to be in my room. So now I'm sort of not done with the makeover all over again (like 80%-ish?). There's a collage that I need to plan, lots of new decor items I need to arrange, lots of new stuff, lots of ideas, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! As soon as it's done it needs to be blogged about and that is something I'm so excited for that it gives me goosebumps!

So that's that. I have a million other ideas in my head too but generally this is all that I'm planning next. New Year is just a month away! Can you believe where this silly 2016 went? It literally just fast forwarded itself, didn't it? I'm super excited about the new year though because I'll be doing an annual round up of EVERYTHING awesome that happened on my blog just like I did last December. It's going to be so awesome! I can't wait to get back in the flow and blog my heart out again!

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