Friday, November 11, 2016

Missing In Action

Can you believe it!? I haven't been able to blog here since at least ten days today! Oh my God have I been missing from my blog or what!? It has been so hectic lately  in my world that I've been having a hard time keeping up with my blog post schedule. If you regularly come back to shower love on my blog you'll know that an awesome post is posted every third day. However lately that hasn't been happening. I usually try writing ahead of time so I can manage when life gets busy and catch up but this time I've been so occupied that I've ran out of even the scheduled posts! Yikes! Let me update with all that is happening in my life right now!

Party Overload
The world has gone crazy. There is a party EVERY day of the weekend. Can you believe it? Right now (currently Friday morning) I am supposed to go to a dinner party tonight, a dinner party tomorrow night, and a dinner party Sunday night as well. When I'll go I know somebody or the other will give mama an invite to another party again. It is never ending. It is insane. I am so not a party person of this kind. I prefer partying with my selective group of people - not just anybody from the entire world, especially not the people who I term as bullies and meanies. Ugh! Somebody save me please? S.O.S? Imagine partying with the dementors to understand my state right now!

Tired & Aching
Obviously with the million parties and what not everything has been super tiring for me. My neck aches have been worse than ever, foul people have given me more migraines than I'd had all year round, and the cleaning and cooking at home for a party we hosted at our place has drained the life out of me completely. October's birthdays, then Dad came to visit (and he's always given the royal treatment so imagine forty course dinners and what not! *laughs*), then the parties, then the regular chores, the super duper work load at my place, cooking like mad, and the soon approaching birthdays ... it has all left me so tired I feel like I'm dragging my body along. Plus thanks to my pathetic neck aches my head feels like it weighs a million tonnes on top of my shoulders and as if I'd have to drag it instead of holding it up when I walk. As a result at the end of the day when I can finally relax and blog I just feel like collapsing in front of the TV on the sofa instead.

Birthday Fest
I could have included this one as part of the parties' header but if you noticed I spoke about those in a negative way! On the other hand, BIRTHDAYSSSSSSSSSS are my favorite! I've been too occupied with planning, celebrating, arranging birthdays here, there, and everywhere and so I haven't had the time to blog about much. I do plan to blog the details of all birthdays I celebrate this OctoNovember but honestly I have no idea when I'll be able to do that! *laughs*

Complete & Pathetic Writers' Block
Yes. That's right. I'm stuck with this horrible blankness in my head so even when I do finally find the time to breathe (and blog!) I'm lost. I've had minutes where I stare at my screen and then BAM, can't do it, sorry bye. I have been overthinking too much and it has totally jumbled up everything so I have something like a terribly entangled spaghetti inside my head. Things are confusing, some realizations I've recently had are making me wonder, and I'm overall super confused and terribly blank and messed up. I'm hoping it'll go away once I finish this almost-like-a-rant blog post.

I am expecting to find more time once the birthdays are done, probably after Thanksgiving break. I can hope and keep my fingers crossed that the bad block in my head will go away too. I have too much planned for my beautiful blog and once I'm properly back (which I guess I am after this entry?) it's all going to be super duper awesome!


  1. Your problems are totally understandable. Take care of yourself; we'll still be here when you've recouperated.

    1. Thanks for always understanding Suzanne <3 I'll be back soon and back with a bang!


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