Saturday, December 10, 2016

Here Come My Birthday Gifts

When half of the family has their birthdays around the same time it is okay to celebrate for more than a day. Which is why usually every year I keep birthday shopping and receiving awesome gifts around the entire OctoNovember season instead of just on my big day. Finally, the season has come to an end *sad sigh* and I no longer have the birthday girl excuse to throw out when I go shopping. I'm done getting gifts too so I can finally show everything off on my blog right here! This year too my gifts were absolutely awesome! There was Harry Potter, baking, clothes, jewelry, room decor stuff ... you name it!

I bought this absolutely beautiful piece of decor for my room. On one side it says 'Dream Big' in beautiful deep blue colors and on the other it says, 'Be Inspired' in really pretty pinks. I love it! I still haven't decided where it'll get to stay in my room but it needs to be somewhere where both sides are visible from one place or the other.

CUPCAKE WRAPPERS!!! Yayyy! You can never have enough cupcake wrappers. You never need an excuse to collect cupcake wrappers. Although I did have an excuse this time because I was almost totally finishing my collection. These are so pretty and I love all of the colors! I can't wait to see what beautiful creations I'll conjure up at Sara's Baked Creations using these cupcake wrappers.

Gold? Glitter? OMG I LOVE BOTH! Mama got this pretty gift box for me which is super glittery and sparkly gold. She suggested I should keep jewelry in it. I have no idea where and what I'll be keeping in this gorgeousness but it definitely needs to be somewhere in my room because it is oh so pretttayyyyyyyyyy!

This has to be the cutest funkiest nightsuit evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
I bought this for myself because the moment I saw it I knew I had to wear it to bed.
I still haven't worn it (I have to wash all the clothes I buy first because I hate that everybody tries them on and then leaves them back in the shop ... eew!) but I'm so excited!

I also bought for myself two pretty shirts from the Halloween-y section.
I don't wear super gothic clothes but those gold cats are so adorable in such a horror-Halloween-ish way that I couldn't resist picking it up and bringing it back home with me. There's another grey one which has such beautiful designs all overrrrrrrr! I'd washed that one and didn't have it with me at the time I snapped the pictures so ... Butttttttt I can totally see a beautiful outfit in the making if I pair it with my velvet detailed black skirt or maybe even with this black and white polka dot skirt I have.

I've showed this one off already so no further details but OH MY GOD a hot pink handbag is all you need in your life.

That's a fabulous magnet defining my life basically. Glitter is my favorite color no doubts there!

Some awesome stuff to write on is always perfect! My ever growing collection of beautiful stationery now welcomes all this pretty stuff too! Ooooooh I love them!

BUDDY VALASTRO'S COOK BOOK! Imagine the recipes I get to try and drool over now! Yumm yumm!

Just LOOK at how beautiful this is! Abbie says I should do a collage behind my desk because I have too much awesomeness to put up now. I agree! Just have to plan everything out so this baby can sashay on my wall soon! I love this so much!

Just when you thought it was done, GORJABULOUS canvas art prints! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Something about a girly-themed painted canvas frame just appeals so much to me. I've wanted something like this since forever and I finally own these now! Yay yay yay yayyyyyy! These should find a spot in that collage I'm planning too!

OH MY GOD CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT I FOUND!? It is THE collector's edition! THE ONE AND ONLY! And I own it! This is such a fantastic (pun intended) addition to my awesome Harry Potter collection! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Watches watches watches! Ohhhhhh I love pretty watches! The black watch Dad got from in flight shopping when he visited. It isn't my birthday gift, it's just a gift from Dad who never gives 'BIRTHDAY' gifts. But since he visited right after my birthday I happily believe it is my birthday present! *laughs* The gold watch I bought for myself and it's so prettayyyyyyyyyyyy oh my God! The bling and the bangles are so so so awesome.

Another something I bought for myself. A set of beautiful bangles and gorgeous rings! This set of bangles was really beautiful and had so many that Abbie and I divided them among ourselves to share!

Stationery makes me weak at the knees. And lookkkkkkkkk at these! Harry Potter pens and super cute colorful pens (which I will share with my Gubby baby too!). They're so fab!

Abbie and I went birthday shopping for clothes and bought some beautiful stuff including this really classy looking shirt in red! It looks like you're wearing two shirts but it's actually one! Also check out that absolutely out of this world beautiful Harry Potter shirt. I can't wait to wear it!

Calendars!!! Abbie got me the OH SO AMAZING Harry Potter calendar. Before that I'd already bought the vintage themed one for myself. Now I have two calendars, both very very very VERY fantastic, and no idea how to organize myself so I can use both! *laughs*

On our Bestie Mall Day Abbie and I visited Hot topic to find an awesome opportunity. They had gorgeous Harry Potter tote bags and anything you put inside the bags were on sale. Abbie and I both got ourselves a bag and a pajama each and then we also bought a Platform 9 3/4 umbrella. We're going to wait till it is time to go on our Potter vacay again and when that happens we're going to take this special umbrella along! 

Cushions. Love. Absolute love. Abbie got me a white one with silverish shine on it and another white and silver one which has reversible sequins. I've been having fun drawing shapes and stuff on the reversible cushion. The cushion also came in a black and gold shade (I forgot to snap a picture, oops!). I'm not sure if I'll be keeping the black and gold one too in my room but of course if I do it'll show up when I post my makeover reveal!

Harry Potter bumper stickerssssssssssssssssssssssss. The Potterhead in me is so so so happy! I call my car Fawkes, named after Dumbledore's majestic phoenix which was red and gold. My car is red and the interior is beige (the closest to gold I could make it!) so it fits. Now I can decorate it with more Harry Potter themed stuff! Perfect!

Oh oh oh and right before I say I'm done, I also ordered a super pretty iPhone skin for myself. I'll be blogging about it in more detail so I'm going to keep a little surprise there for now! Stay with me for more awesomeness!


  1. When did you hoard so much stuff haan? SHEESH! Add your collage to the birthday too Bestie. I love them photos so maaach

    1. Hahahahaha I told you that you keep bringing stuff and forgetting it!
      The collage will have a special entry and place when I reveal my room's makeover! :D

  2. Hey Sara, I'm just a bit jealous. I love that pink handbag and the painted canvas, they're GORGEOUS! I hope you're going to show us your cupcake creations, I'm expecting something really special now. Can you get little glitzy toppings for them? I know what you mean about a birthday season, it's the same in my family too.

    1. Hey Hannah!
      I'm sort of glad that the post made you jealous hahahaha! You know what I mean? :D
      The pink handbag and the canvas prints are my absolute favorites as well! And yes, of course, I will definitely show off the cupcakes I bake! Glitzy cupcake toppers seem like a great idea!
      Thank you for the wonderful comment Hannah! :D

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