Sunday, March 26, 2017

Coming Up Next

Wow, can you believe it? We're already a week into Spring 2017! Winter went by so fast it was a blur. I've been keeping so busy I hardly get the time to do anything at all. With Spring already here (and the bugs probably must be getting ready to attack and conquer the world) April is fast approaching. As you know, a couple of days ago I announced that I was going to take part in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge again this year. Oh yes, it'll be superb! I revealed my theme which is going to be all about Sara's Baked Creations (my delicious obsession with baking/cake decorating). It'll require lots of work so I'm gearing up for it to make sure it is perfect to the last detail. Hey, my baking is way too awesome to not be blogged about with perfection. So, here's my plan!

Okay, so normally I bring you all a fantabulous blog post every three days, right? But, I really want to start working on scheduling my A to Z Challenge's posts so this is going to be the last post for the month of March. Yes yes, it is sad, we won't have posts coming up in the last week of March. However, come to think of it, I can spend the week perfecting the gorjabulous baking and cake decorating posts! Now that's great news because let me tell you ... the baking posts will be SO delicious you'll be drooling all around yourself.

So what's coming up in April? The deadly delicious posts about Sara's Baked Creations! I'll be blogging each day of the month of April except Sundays. Each post will be loaded with super tasty pictures which will trigger your sweet tooth and have you craving for dessert! Promise. While the challenge lasts I'll discontinue the regular blog posts, i.e. the Tweet Logs and ButtMustGo updates during the start of the month and the Wacky Finds during mid month. Look for all of these entries at their regular dates in May!

Speaking of May I have lots of awesomeness planned for the blog ahead. I won't jot down all of my thoughts but let me give you all some previews. There's definitely going to be a Harry Potter related month of blogging soon. I will also be starting LOTS of art and creativity projects and will be doing the show and tell right here on the blog. A mega cleaning entry will also make its way here on my beautiful blog. So there's a LOT planned and a lot coming up soon!

Stay in touch,
Keep loving!


  1. Hey Bestie,
    This time Spring seems to be as exciting as Fall itself - I don't know why? Maybe because our Fall and Winter were just dulled with all the rubbish. I am looking fwd to your baking theme and A to Z - yours will be more cool than mine. Please don't worry abt the bugs - I will kill as many as I can. I want to do Wacky Finds! Please nudge me! HP month we shall both do togetherses!
    I love you.

    1. Hahahaha you're right! Fall and Winter were literally snatched away from us! :D
      I'll try to remember about nudging you for the Wacky Finds :P

  2. I'm so looking forward to your A-Z Challenge again this year. OMG, Sara's Baked Creations! Yes, you've hit the "sweet" spot this time. You take all the time you need to arrange your Challenge posts, which I totally expect to be awesome, with pictures and descriptions to make me want-crave-need your tasty creations.

    I'm also looking forward to your wonderful Harry Potter posts. Can't wait!

    1. Stay in touch Suzanne <3 Always love your comments!


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