Saturday, April 15, 2017

M&M Fun Cookies

M&Ms have got to be the most fun kind of candies in the world!
The colors, the cute look, the instant happiness they give ... just brilliant!
I decided one day (based entirely on the cravings Abbie and I were experiencing) to bake this happiness into a cookie!

Now these M&M Fun cookies were GIANT. They were the size of my entire palm. Giant, fun, colorful cookie full of happiness. Now that's what I'm talking about!

The pictures speak for themselves, really!

These M&M Fun cookies looked just as fun as the candy itself. I was in love with how they turned out. All those beautiful colors looked so good studded in that cookie. It was really a very bright and happy cookie - the kind that would make both kids and adults scream with joy alike.

I know one person who was screaming in the kitchen that day: ME. I was in love with these cookies from the second I started making them. The dough was so soft and buttery and so colorful! I rolled these into balls and then added even more M&Ms on the tops to each individual cookie dough ball before I sent these to the oven to bake away. I actually had FUN while making these thanks to all that candy!

Fresh out of the oven - Abbie reaches out to grab a bite!
It was irresistible to even wait for them to cool a bit before we dived in! 

Mmmm mmmmm ....
The cookies turned out to be little delicious wonders. They were LOADED with M&Ms which had melted and colored the entire insides of these cookies. The chocolate chips I'd added to the dough were throwing chocolate in my mouth here and there like confetti. The cookie had chewy edges and soft centers and that perfect smell that met my nose as I raised a cookie up to my mouth. Mmmmmmmm .... Too good! Too too good!

The M&Ms on top cracked on the surface revealing the chocolaty insides.

That little M&M guy at the back expresses my reaction to these cookies perfectly! That's exactly how and what I looked like in response to these delicious cookies!

Such a perfect stack of M&M Fun Cookies. Isn't it? I loved every bit of them from the cracked M&Ms to the colorful and bright look, and that extremely soft and chewy texture, oh and that delicious delicious taste! Yummmmmmm!

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This entry belongs to the April A to Z Blogging Challenge that I'm participating in this year!


  1. Those sound very delicious cookies indeed. Thanks for sharing this baking experience.

    1. It's always a pleasure blogging about all of my baking experiences :D
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. MY WORD!!! Cookies AND M&Ms, LOVE! ❤️
    Very cute that you placed your M&M characters to pose with the cookies.
    Happy Weekend!

    1. They just HAD to be in the picture, right? :D
      Thanks Tamara!

  3. M&Ms are delish all by themselves, and in a cookie, I can't even imagine the awesome.

    BTW, I tried the cinnamon roll cookies. My mom gives her compliments. ^_^

    1. OMG hi mom! :D So happy to hear that you tried them and they turned out delicious!
      Made my day Marna!

  4. now just need to avoid showing these photos to my baker-daughter who is all of 11 :) delish..
    LadyInRead@MyRandRSpace - For Day 15 of#UBC & #AtoZChallenge - My M Post

    1. Hahaha! :D Let her see them so she can bake some up for all of you to enjoy!


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