Thursday, May 4, 2017

ButtMustGo - March & April 2017

Hey hey hey! April has come to an end and I'm back with my weight loss report as usual. Since the entire month was reserved for the 'April Blogging from A to Z Challenge' I didn't report the progress I made with ButtMustGo during the month of March. So this time I'm here to talk about March and April combined!

Turby Time & Exercises
I exercised a LOT during March and April. I was very regular with Turby the treadmill. Up until around mid March I was doing thirty minutes on the treadmill but I still wasn't seeing much change on the weighing scale. That's when I decided to go for the one hour mark. It was tough and it still is! I have trouble fitting in an entire hour of doing the treadmill - sometimes it pisses off some people in the house too! *laughs* My current entertainment while running is provided by Gilmore Girls - just started watching and love it so much. It helps me stay for a full hour on the treadmill! Since I've boosted my efforts on the treadmill to one hour the number of calories that the screen displays as burned has increased up to between 400 and 460. I love watching such a big number show up on screen!

Food, Food, Food!
Okayyyyyy the eating part. There were some binges involved but I tried to keep them to a minimum. When we binged on ice creams (twice in two months) I shared and had half a scoop instead of a full one. When something was baked in the house (twice in two months) I only took bites instead of eating whole pieces. When we ate chocolates (twice in two months again!) I had a small truffle. Some days I only had some soup for lunch and on other days I took some vegetables with daal (lentils). For dinner I had some rice with chicken and sometimes daal and vegetables. For most of March and April I was sipping chai thrice everyday. Since around the last week of April I've cut down on my night time chai too, instead I take a few fruits.

I'm actually happy I'm finally seeing changes in the numbers on the weighing scale. Back in February when I restarted the ButtMustGo I could see my body was shaping up and I could even fit into some of the tighter clothes but there was zero change in the numbers on that stupid scale. At least this month I'm seeing progress. It's still slow (I've lost weight faster than this before!) so I need to try some more. My plan is to try and minimize the binges to almost a zero, cut down even more from my dinner, and continue the rest as is. I know that I'm putting in maximum effort so I'm going to just try and chill and shape up patiently. ButtMustGo!


  1. Don't worry, Sarah. Three pounds is still three pounds. I haven't been as lucky. You see, I ordered the dress I'm going to wear to a wedding I'm attending in October. Unfortunately, I gained weight before the dress arrived so now it's sitting in my closet because I REFUSE to order a larger size. Lol. I hope to have the extra pounds gone by the time I have to wear it. Wish me luck.

    1. You know I will support your decision about not ordering a larger size. October is far far away, I'm sure you can lose the extra pounds by then. LET'S DO THIS SUZANNE! By October you'll be fitting that dress perfectly! :D YAYYYYYY! Good luck!


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